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Raising the bar

Trudeau’s closing remarks last night summed up what I have been saying for many years – the bar can be raised. Canadians don’t have to settle for a bar that is touching the ground.

Harper has placed that bar so low on so many fronts: foreign affairs, the environment, fiscal policy… The list goes on. 

The bar can be and should be raised. And the only way to do this is to oust Harper.


The only real downer over my holidays…

…was when my 8 year old son asked who else has been Prime Minister in his lifetime.

And we had to say that Harper has been the only one.

My wife and I want our son- and two other kids- to have a Prime Minister that cares more about this country and its people than the sheer and cynical acquisition and retention of power.

It is time for a change.


DB8s… where decorum goes to die…

No, I’m not talking about the Ontario election leader’s debate that went down last night. The leaders – and more importantly, the audience – remained civil (if you count constantly interrupting each other “civil”) for the most part.

Though we in the TV audience might have been a little less so… I literally ROTFL when Timmie talked about his lifelong love of mathematics.

Oh, Timmie, you’re such a standard deviant, ya big lug…

The “where decorum goes to die” comment is directed at many of the OPC supporters that were in attendance at the all-candidates meeting last week in my riding of Ottawa South. I am truly glad that I didn’t take my 10-year-old along (exposing her to democracy and all that) because she would have been astounded and disappointed to hear adults behaving and using language that no parent of a ten-year-old wants them to hear.

Sure, there were some chuckles and groans directed at Steve Carrell Matt Young, the Hudak henchman in my riding. But no one but OPC supporters called one of the candidates on the stage an “asshole”, a “stooge” a “liar” or a “fucking bastard”.

Loudly and clearly.

The moderator for the evening did an admirable job in trying to keep the proceedings above the level of a sewage main, but many of the Conservative flag bearers kept dragging it back to that spot. And Mr. Fraser, the OLP candidate, held his own for the most part.

I’m not going to make a sweeping general statement about an absence of decorum and politeness and an overabundance of boorishness that seems to be characteristic of conservatives.

But it sure applied to that particular audience.


Friday miscellany…

The War of 1812, WHO THE HELL CARES, edition!

Will someone PLEASE tell the war-lovin’ CPC that a $30 million investment to “celebrate a war that happened 200 years ago and didn’t even involved anyone named a “Canadian” is NOT a good use of public money???



The Harperites have decided to cut all non-Christian prison chaplains.

Why did they stop there? Qualified psychologists and other true professionals would do a far better job inside the walls than some smarmy priest!


So Obama didn’t seem to be on top of his game the other night and Romney had an exceptional debate. Big deal. What percentage of American viewers can we say actually swung their vote to Romney’s side because of the debate?

0.02% perhaps?

Yeah. Big deal. Though some disagree.

No matter. Even if Obama lose more than sliver of support, he’ll regain it over the coming weeks and STILL win about 40 states.


Yup. This is me.


Justin Trudeau watch… nope, it sure as hell cannot hurt to have a pic taken with an amazing woman like Hazel!


Le “débat”…

Gee, these so-called debates are becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing election.

Really now, because of the long period of time that Ontarians have had to cast their ballots (great idea, BTW… it’ll be interesting to see if the turnout is bumped up) and the lateness of the debate AND that these things are so incredibly tightly scripted… Well, c’mon, what’s the point?

And let’s face it, the only folks who tune into these charades – or attend the local versions – are those who have pretty much already made up their minds (if they haven’t yet voted).

Yet the pundits are out there this morning declaring that one side won or the other side won. And of course they will. They are either paid to do so or are fiercely partisan.

In reality, after watching the puppets rail against each other, no one “won”. McGuinty simply had to show up and look and sound somewhat “leaderlike” : which he did. And Hudak just had to pretend to be smarter than really is, and not drool too much: mission accomplished there too.  I guess Randy stayed home. And the Dipper CEO had to come across as someone less loony than the conservative pundits and media have claimed. And she was successful too.

So yup, ask yourself if that orchestrated sideshow last night made any difference whatsoever.

Didn’t think so. The Leaders’ time would have been better spent on doorsteps.


OK, so THAT is over with…

Sadly, the debates are over… so who do you think outperformed the others in the French debate last night?

If you don’t understand French, which leader had the coolest tie?

Why were all of the questions posed by those “random” folks asked only by older white peeps? Where were the young ‘uns? Non-whites?

What was the point of the “Americanisation” question?

Layton’s French was pretty damned good, eh?

En français, un robot est encore un robot…

Meanwhile, keeping with the approach that “any press is good press”, there seems to be a new controversy building in the CPC ranks – this time in Vaughan, Ontario, where Julian Fantino is running for re-election.

Two members of the Conservative Vaughan Riding Association, north of Toronto, have resigned, one after accusing candidate Julian Fantino of “patronage.”

Richard Lorello resigned from the riding association on April 4, over a $10-million grant to the Vaughan Health Campus of Care.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate because the people who head up (the VHCC) were heavily involved in Mr. Fantino’s campaign,” Lorello said, in reference to the November 2010 byelection held in Vaughan.

The VHCC is a private, not-for-profit organization attempting to bring a new hospital to the Vaughan region.

At this rate, the Grits really don’t have to do too much… just sit back and watch the ReformCons implode!

Finally, for your  Thursday viewing pleasure:


Debate Day in Canada

Woo hoo! It’s debate day!!!!!

You’re gonna watch it, right? If you’re working or are otherwise occupied, you can PVR it! If you don’t have recording capabilities, ask a friend!

Whatever your level of cynicism, it is your DUTY as a citizen to be informed.

Details are here. will be hosting a live chat with streaming video of the leaders debate on Facebook, April 12 at 7 p.m. ET.


Greens allowed to debate the big boyz!

Score one for the power of a massively pissed off Canadian electorate!

My question – who blinked first?

Now – time to fire the moron who scheduled the debate during the same time slot as the U.S. Veep debate.