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Friday the 13th miscellany…

The Cons ran a focus group to get some ideas about the best ways to divert the public attention away from all of the bone-headed moves they have made lately.

So here are the Top Five ideas they came up with.

1. Hire a cargo ship. Hire a couple hundred Tamil refugees. Put said refugees on said ship. Have said ship steam toward the western coastline, this precipitating an immigration crisis that only the CPC is capable of dealing with.

2.Turn the short form into a longer form. Thus shortening the long form that is now shorter but not really because the questions on the long form will still be asked on the long form as well as the short form… creating a medium form.

3. Invent one of those instant memory loss devices. Just like the one used in Men in Black. Then stream it into every computer and TV in the country and hope for the best.

4. Take the summer as a mulligan and ask the GG for a do-over.

5. To capitalize on the both the popularity of vampires and of hockey, have His Glorious Leader avoid sunlight for a month and coach a hockey game with a bombastic bigot Don Cherry.  DONE!.

Other stuff…

OC Transpo, OC Transpo, OC Transpo... up to your old tricks again, I see. 6:30 buses coming at 6:48… 200 m ahead of the 6:51 bus. The 7:50 #86 simply forgets to show. And two west-bound buses from the ‘burbs swoosh through Hurdman like there was a pack of wild hamsters ready to swarm any unsuspecting bus that happened to stop.

Heading to China again in the fall… tickets have been booked. But there is no word whether it will be the real or imaginary China. Or whether we will be travelling on a imaginary airplane that takes off from an imaginary airport with imaginary crew on board. I’d better call Stock to get his take on thing… always good for a laugh!

Did you know that the fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia, frigga meaning “Friday”?


Contest! Post the best example of pork barrel politics!

That’s right folks, give me your best examples of public money being used for no other reason but to garner votes and you will get not one, not two but THREE electronic high-fives on this blog!

Unwavering respect! Admiration of your peers! Having your name put on a political party’s “hit list” will be yours if you can top my example of pork barrel spending gone wild!

Seems that Minister of Industry and Bags of Money with Dollar Signs, Tony “how-ya-doin'” Clement thought it a good idea to give the fine folks of the burg of Orrville, Ontario a – you-guessed-it – BIG BAG OF MONEY to build a gazebo for the upcoming Gee-Ate Summit in nearby (well, not really that near… more like fifty kicks near) Huntsville.

Now, anyone with a glimmer of common sense will tell you that this is a damn fine idea! Why, what if President Obama decides to sneak away for a smoke? What better place than a bucolic place like Orrville? Though, that may not be he greatest idea as, if I recall correctly, the gazebo is pm the site of the old general store. And that store once had gas pumps… with leaky underground tanks….

You see, like the writer of the newspaper article, I’m from that area too, so know of what he speaks. Orrville is indeed a hole in the wall of a hole in the wall – except smaller. And folks, there is no conceivable way that a gazebo in Orrville can at all be connect to the Gee-Ate.

I have written before about the flagrant vote buying that the Cons are famous for, and someone always comments that the Grits did the same.

So here is my challenge for you to take up. Find me a better example of pork barrel politics – by any party in Canada. And I will publish it along with a retraction that a gazebo in Orrville may only be second-best!


Tasteless ReformCon attack ad

How tasteless is this? Doesn’t anyone vet these things?

Shows just how low Stevie’s boyz will sink.