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BBQing meat and cancer…

If this is true, I’m screwed….

The question

I’ve heard that barbecued food is cancer causing. Should I avoid it altogether this summer?

The answer

Yes, there is evidence to suggest that a heavy intake of barbecued meat could increase cancer risk. Compounds in cooked meat called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are to blame. Grilling, broiling and frying meat at high temperatures creates HCAs that are not present in uncooked meat. They’re formed when amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and creatine (a natural compound found in muscle meats) react at high temperatures.

I BBQ year-round. Rain, snow, -35… it doesn’t matter.

Ah, but there is hope!

That said, there is no need to give up barbecued foods this summer. Instead, do what you can to minimize the formation of HCAs in cooked meat. And be sure to eat less than 18 ounces of red meat per week.

18 ounces??? Screwed again…


Cancer sucks. It really does.

I had scheduled a post for this morning on how the Liberals are again getting all caught up in internal fights… but that can wait for another day.

Once again, cancer has claimed another victim in my extended family. This insidious beast of a disease deprives the young of their youth. Those in their prime of their lives, their happiness and those who are older of a dignified conclusion to their lives.

It robs children of their parents and parents of their children. Sisters lose brothers and sisters – and brothers of sisters and brothers. It is blind to compassion. It cares not. And it takes efforts of Herculean proportion to overcome – and sometimes even that isn’t enough.

Cancer sucks. I can think of no better way to say it.

But our efforts are paying off on some fronts. We can sometimes beat back the disease or defeat it completely. This is because of the intense medical research that has been undertaken over the past few decades. The survival rate for some types of childhood cancers is almost 100%!

Research is costly. But people, businesses and governments everywhere have given generously and advances are seen. Money DOES buy research and research DOES lead to small “wins”.

But clearly, we are not there yet. As long as this monster can lay claim to anyone, the job is not complete. We must continue to work toward finding cures and that means more money.

We are all touched in one way or another by cancer. None are immune to its greedy and lecherous touch. So we all have a stake in this. And we all must fight however we can.

Here is a link to the Canadian Cancer Society. If you can, please make a donation – however small – to honour those people.

And, policy-makers of the world ? Yes, you. Maybe that more than $1 trillion spent on the war in Afghanistan (by the US alone) to find bin Laden might have been better spent elsewhere, no? Maybe the more than $1 trillion in research funding would have avoided a lot of hurt. Like the hurt felt by Brian’s family last Fall, or the hurt that my sister-in-law and her family feel today.

And today, I share their hurt and hope with all of my heart that this son-of-a-bitch is one day eradicated from our lives and can ruin lives no more.


Jack is looking pretty worn down…

Haven’t seen a picture of him in a while. Due to the cancer treatments, I think he has been laying low. Hopefully his re-emergence is an indication that things are going well.

But man, he has lost some weight… and he was not a hefty man to start with.

Keep at ‘er, Mr. Layton… might not always agree with you, but I hope to hell that you beat this thing!

And yeah – Harpy – listen up and meet with the guy! Maybe, just maybe, someone might have opinions on the latest issues that are better than yours!