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Canada post

A street in downtown Montreal…

… tell me, dear internet wanderer…

Where does a community mailbox





The issues for the 2015 election…

1) The various CPC scandals….

2) The issue that, if the Grits are smart, will win them a majority: stopping the phasing out of home mail delivery

No wonder Harper wanted the House to rise early.

Justin should send him a note of thanks for this ready-made election platform plank!


Canada Post came through

I kinda ragged on the venerable Crown Corp a yesterday. And 99 times out of 100, said ragging doesn’t lead to a response from the target of the rag… no matter who they are. Forget about an actual action aimed at whatever it was that squirmed its way under my skin.

Well, Thursday, June 21, 2012 was the one in a hundred.

Check it out. Within 10 minutes of my blog post cross posting to Twitter, I received this:

@baldjam can you tell me where you’re located so we can look into for you. #canadapostcaresl

Huh? Seriously.


And then later, after a couple of direct messages telling them where I was located, this:

Hi , I received confirmation that your area is undergoing some changes and may experience delays visit for info

Wow. Great customer service AND good use of social media!

Kudos, Canada Post!

And, for the record… got some mail yesterday.


Hey! Canada Post!

You know that info slip that you put into my mailbox last week? The one that tells us that “mail will be delivered later than your usual time”? That one?

What did you exactly mean by “later”? I assumed it meant later in the day.

But as I haven’t received any mail since that notice, I have to wonder if you meant later in the week. Maybe later in the month?

Please clarify.