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How not to show your appreciation of and trust in your “base”…

Dear fellow Conservative: We really, really want your money and support. But please, please, just STFU.

If you are approached by anyone resembling a reporter, blogger, Liberal, New Democrat, Green, environmentalist, Public Servant, First Nation member, telecom industry employee, scientist or Maude Barlow, please run away screaming, hands over ears, and yelling “LALALALALALA!” as loudly as possible. One of our keen, young comm staffers will intervene.





Alberta floods, where’s Steve?

As far as I can tell, the only reaction from Harper concerning the horrible situation in southern Alberta has been this piece on conversations that he had with Premier Redford and Calgary Mayor Nenshi indicating that Feds will help out if needed.

But where is he? Shouldn’t he be there filling sandbags or something? Is the Member from Calgary East that confident of his seat that he thinks he can stay far away from all that yucky mud and not pay for it politically?

Um, yeah. He probably can… but he should be there; even if for symbolic reasons. Obama sure as hell tours disaster areas. It’s the “leader” thing to do, isn’t it?


Friday miscellany…

... unapologetically-a-fan-of-my-MP edition…

I am getting more than a little pissed off about the treatment that my MP, David McGuinty, is getting these days just because he lost his composure for an instant and blurted something that, albeit correct, he probably should have put in a better way.

Here are the facts:

  • He more or less said that Alberta MPs should spend less time cow-towing to the oil and gas industry and see the bigger picture – i.e., the provinces and territories of Canada that don’t begin with an “A” and end with an “a”.
    He was correct in this assessment. Alberta pols get a lot of mileage from slamming us in the East. Who can forget the “Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark“? I sure as hell don’t!  And do these pols put on blinders and blindly follow whatever is “best” for the tar sands, OF COURSE THEY DO!!! How on earth can this be disputed is beyond me!
  • Hands-up to anyone who has NEVER said something that they would have liked to have taken back.Nobody?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • Did he “man-up” and apologise? Yes. Unequivocally.And when did we last see a CPC MP apologise for anything? And they have LOTS to say sorry for!


    That’s what I thought.

So lay off the guy. He is a great MP, does loads for his constituency and is a great guy to boot.


Carrying along the same theme, man, some Albertans just love to whine, eh? I know that they are not all like that – I have some great friends who are Albertan born and bred. But this whole horse at the Royal York and Rogers Centre thing is over the top.

The Royal York is a private establishment that was under no obligation to let a flea carry varmint into its lobby. NONE! Would YOU, as an owner of a biz like the RY want a horse in it? Of course not! The hotel did eventually relent to the loud mouthed yokels standing outside the hotel demanding that the nag be let in, but I sure as hell would have stuck to my guns (which I’m sure a few of the Calgarians were totin’!).

And the Rogers Centre will indeed let the mammal named Deep Six (or something) in as well. I just hope that the beast doesn’t get spooked by being in a REAL stadium and not that barn they call McMahon Stadium.

Bold prediction – Argos 31 and the Stumps 10!



Sigh. Black Friday. Whatta fine example of hyper-consumerism. And now it’s here in Canada. Isn’t it enough that store are putting up gaudy xmas decorations and playing that infernal music as early as August?? Do we really need another reason to shop?

I can’t believe how many of we Canucks head to US border towns to pick up goods that may be a few bucks cheaper! Sure, a lot of goods are more costly here but don’t give me that “I’m getting ripped off by Canadian retailers crap. Most of our retail outlets are American-owned or controlled anyways and they set the prices. Plus, taxes are higher here. Those higher taxes go to pay for things like, um, free health care!

For me, today is a “buy nothing” day.


Finally, the weather has been awesome in my corner of the world, but that looks to end soon. Oh well, climate change is making and will continue to make Ottawa winters that much warmer…


ATTENTION! Federal party leaders!!! Yes! You!!!

Are any of you going to address the dire needs of Canada’s cities?

Once again, the mainstream media is correctly pointing out that Canada needs to address its urban infrastructure deficit – and it needs to happen NOW!

Main point of the article:

A national urban strategy must recognize the predominant role cities play in our economic growth. Rather than provide all municipalities with equal per capita shares, this long-term plan needs to have a greater strategic focus on Canada’s urban centres – the places that will provide the biggest boost to our economic growth. The priorities may differ across the country – from transportation infrastructure in Toronto to housing in Calgary – but the need for federal support extends from coast to coast.

I know that, the majority of the time, whenever someone to the right on the political spectrum hears the word national strategy”, they start running around in circles and flapping the arms while screaming “SOCIALISM”!!!” But this is different – and even the Harperites sort of recognised this in last week’s ill-fated budget where they announced intentions to make the gas tax contribution toward infrastructure permanent, while also pledging to help develop a new long-term infrastructure plan (what ever that means).

It remains to be seen if this will hold if the Harperites come back as a majority government… the über-right elements in the party will need placation… but it was a good intention, I suppose.

But as Calgary’s forward-thinking Mayor Nenshi has said in reference to the one liner in the Budget :

“It is sort of a weird thing to put into a budget -‘We’ll plan to make a plan,’ ” he said.

“It’s better than having no plan, but like I say: I would have liked to see some elements of what that plan might look like, even today.”

Flesh it out, Harper, Iggy and Jack. Tell us what such a strategy would look like!


A quick post on Calgary

Yes, it has been quite cold in Cow Town for the past couple of days… but for an Ottawan, that’s no biggie… unless your colleagues want to WALK everywhere. You KNOW who you are!

Not good for my bald head, I say. The brain freeze hit layer two of my brain. But harm no done.


Anyhow, I just wanted to note a few things I have noticed in the past few days while here in Calgary.

  • If this is Calgary after the Big Boom that ended in 2008, I cannot imagine what the pre-2008 boom years skyline looked like. Cranes on high-rises abound. Construction is everywhere. This is a happening place. There is talk of replacing or upgrading the SaddleDome. I’d hate to have to find a sub-trade to do some minor work around the house.
  • Speaking of the SaddleDome… if there are any serious climbers reading this, and you are looking for a great place to train – buy hockey tickets on the 300 level. It’s as good as climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • Calgarians are confident. Right from the cab driver who crowed about the new 58 story tower (The Bow Tower) that is nearing completion (tallest building west of T.O., he said) to the clerk in the western apparel shop and everyone in between, these folks know they are in a city that is at the top of its game.
  • And prices for just about everything (except gas) reflect this burinin’ economy. Early Bird parking rates: $37 a day. A low end steak (just the steak – no sides): $38. And cab rates that are every bit as pricey as ByTown. Costly place to visit and to live.
  • I, unfortunately, did not have time to stop by and say hi to the new Mayor. Maybe next time.


Isn’t it ironic?

Like I blogged about yesterday, Sarah Palin is getting dragged through the mud a wee bit about her statement in Calgary that her family hustled across the border to Whitehorse to receive medical treatment.

No mention of this over at Fox “News”, though… now THAT’S a surprise!

But what is most amazing about her interview was that she used the word “ironic” in a correct way! You betcha, Sarah!


Boy – I DO like Alberta and all that, but….

I think Calgary is likely the only place in Canada where a dimwit like Sarah Palin could receive 2 – count ’em TWO – standing ovations for spewing meaningless drivel.

NOT ONLY THAT, but she received this distinction by:

  • Dissing our health care system…

Although a vocal opponent of health care reform in the U.S., Palin revealed that when growing up near Whitehorse, her family would cross the border into Canada to receive health care.

  • Calling man-made global warming research “snake oil science

She drew applause from the crowd when she said those who advocate sound science, not “snake-oil science” in discussions about climate change will win the debate. “What’s going on right now is vindication for us that we’re dealing with sound science, not politics,” she said. “People’s eyes and ears are open.”

  • Quoting Ronald Reagan
  • Calling on Canadians to drill wherever and as much as they can
  • Blabbering on about gun “rights”

Seriously, if she had the gall to be booked for a gig in T.O., Vancouver or Montreal, I’m pretty sure the reception wouldn’t have been as friendly.

If the Americans ever elect this buffoon into a position of power – like President – I am moving very, very, very far away!