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E Day in Ottawa South!


Come on everyone! Woot with me!

I just don’t “get” people who don’t get excited about elections. It is the one tangible time when we, as citizens, can choose what a part of our democracy will look like.

As we are CITIZENS, dammit! Not “taxpayers” as conservatives like to call us! CITIZENS!!

And as citizens, we have a responsibility to VOTE. It’s not simply a right.

Anyhoo… Congrats to all of the candidates in Ottawa South. It takes some guts to put your name in the ring.

I will be taking my daughter to the polling booth with me after I pick her up from camp this afternoon. We all need to turn our kids onto this whole democracy thing at a young age, right?

As for Ottawa South, the three front runners all ran strong campaigns. I didn’t like how Matt Young and the PC’s kept trying to draw a non-existent link between what John’s boss did and what John knew… but w.e. Conservatives are famous for spreading misinformation. In spite of this, Mr. Young shows promise; he’s just with the wrong party.

Bronwyn also ran a strong campaign in a riding that will never vote NDP. Good on her. She clearly has bigger goals in mind after her School Board Trustee gig ends.

Finally, John Fraser showed his mettle in the campaign trail. He was energetic, forthright and rose above the accusations made against him. He deserves the opportunity to show we citizens of Ottawa South what he can do at Queen’s Park.

And he will. But it will be very, very close.



John Fraser has earned the opportunity to represent Ottawa South as the MPP

The Liberal Party nominee has come under some criticism during the Ottawa South by-election over some files that were the responsibilities of his predecessor, and the former Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

These have not been fair criticisms.

I, as a resident of the riding for 10 years and as an active member of the community, would like to instead point out that John has been a workhorse for the people of Ottawa South. It has been well-known that since the time that Mr. McGuinty became the Premier, that John was the go-to guy. If you had his attention, then things got done. I can particularly point to issues that have arisen in the field of child care whose resolution hit walls everywhere but at the Premier’s office, where John took on these files  and resolved some pretty significant problems.

I read in a recent blog post by a OPC supporter that the Premier was an “absentee” MPP. Yes, of course he was… by necessity. Our MPP had an entire province to look after and needed a strong individual to act as his proxy in the riding. This strong individual was John Fraser. I should also point out that this practice is the norm for all party leaders. When one’s MPP or MP is also a party leader, much of the constituency work must be done by a trusted and reliable member of the staff.

So, enough about John… what about the other candidates?

Matt Young is carrying the Tory torch and he seems like a nice guy and a smart and family-oriented individual.  The fact that I, a fairly well tuned-in community member, have never heard of him should not detract from the fact that he probably would work very hard for the community. However, his complete lack of political experience (according to his Facebook page) makes me scratch my head a bit and wonder how effective he would be at Queen’s Park in advancing the issues that are important to those of us in Ottawa South.

As the OPC’s federal cousins have asked of a certain chap: is he up to the job?

Finally, Tim Hudak is the OPC leader. And as long as this is the case, the OPC stands a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming the governing party. Hudak is one of the OLP’s best asset! Long may he rule!!

So what about Bronwyn Funiciello?

I really have to choose my words carefully here. She defeated me in the 2011 School Board elections, and any harsh criticisms might come across as sour grapes. I do hope what follows are nt seen as such because I respect Bronwyn for her dedication to the cause of education and she won the seat fair, square and honorably. She is a very amicable person who is obviously committed to quality education for the students in the OCDSB. What I question is her current campaign claim about serving her community.

I haven’t seen evidence of this.  Indeed, this was the main reason why I ran against her a couple years ago. While other Trustees on the OCDSB regularly attend Parent Council meetings, school BBQs and other events, Ms. Funiciello has been an absentee Trustee. She could learn something from Trustees Fisher, Blackburn and Shea… different political views, but they are thoroughly engaged in their respective communities.

I’m sure she has been effective as the Vice-Chair of the Board and has been dealing with most Board-wide matters effectively and wisely, but her lack of community engagement makes me seriously question how good she would be at engaging an even wider community than just her OCDSB Zone. An effective MPP (or MP or Trustee) must be able to manage both the broader issues as well as those at the constituency level.

Which brings me back to John Fraser. He will be able to manage both very well; certainly better than the well-intentioned though inexperienced OPC candidate or the experienced, yet somewhat disengaged ONDP nominee. He will serve the people of Ottawa South well.

He has earned a chance to prove me right.

Note: yes, I know there are six other candidates in the race, all of whom deserve our respect for seeking public office. But the three above are the only ones who have a realistic chance at winning the seat. And I’m writing this early on Thursday morning before my son wakes up, so I really don’t have the time to do a critical analysis of each and ever deserving candidate. Though politics as a vocation is a noble pursuit and all six are deserving of our respect.


Rob Ford- election hater

So that dahhhling of the knuckle-draggers, the inimitable Rob Ford, thinks he should not have to face the voters in a by election should he be forced to hand in his Chain of Office.

Of course he wants to be reappointed! He knows that the good citizens of The Big Smoke would never elect this buffoon a second time.

Here’s a thought: in the event that the NHL greed-a-thon goes on and the season is cancelled (which I am hoping for at this point), that other über-buffoon in the tacky suits will be out of a job, right? So then he and the former Mayor can do the speaking circuit! And give it a catchy name like The Whining About Progressives Tour, 2013. What a pair they’d make!


Bev Oda

is quitting her job…

And the blogosphere and pundit-class lose an easy target. She and her pricey OJ and smokes behind centre block will be missed.

Well, not really.

So combined with Lee Richardson retiring, there are two CPC seats up for grabs in upcoming by-elections.

The Grits had better get their game faces on!

Ywo questions:

  1. Will Del Mastro be next?
  2. What’s the over/under for the number of weeks before Bev’s appointment to the Senate or some other cushy job is announced?


By-election on the way!


Once legal appeals, in this case, at the SC level, are exhausted.

This election will provide a bit of an insight about whether or not the good folks in Etobicoke Centre have been paying attention to the goings-on of that 3 ring circus called the Harper government. And in turn this may provide an indicator about the feelings of Canadians on the broader scale (outside of Alberta, that is).