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How the Jays might affect the election results. Maybe.

Hey fans of sports and politics!

Check it out: if the Jays do win the AL East, they will be in the ALDS starting on October 8.

Advance polls are from the 9th to the 12, inclusive… meaning that on three of the five advance polling date, many would-be voters will be gathered in front of the TV those days rather than voting.


Annnddd… if the Jays do get to the ALCS – here are the dates for that:
alcsIn short, the parties had better key up their money-shot messages and hit the doorsteps before this kicks in. Because, you know what? Most of Canada might very well be caught up in pennant fever in the days leading up to and day of the vote and might be hard to persuade off the couch to cast their ballot or to go to the door to talk to a canvasser.

Just sayin’…



Look out Yankees!!

Right on AA! You did done good.

Now maybe the Jays can once again contend in the AL East!




I’m a huge Jays fan…

… but what Escobar did was utterly despicable and unexpected.

But hey, these undereducated über gazillionairres are used to getting what they want and saying what they wish without consequence, aren’t they?



Double A Baseball in O Dot?

Personally, I would LOVE to see a Jays farm team locate here… but I’m not hopeful given that the City does not seem to be taking the idea seriously.

Besides, I’m not even sure Double A would be successful here. This town couldn’t keep the Lynx, lost the Riders way back… and struggle to fill the Kanata Sport Centre on some nights. If Ottawa is a sports town, maybe it is just a one sport town… too bad.


Great infield technique!

This one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

Who sez that we Canucks are a one-sport country????