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This week’s CPC attack ads – EXCLUSIVE!!!

With the polls saying that the Harperites are in real trouble in many previously “safe” ridings, Canadians can expect to see and hear a whole new suite of anti-Trudeau ads over the final days of this looooooonnnnggggg campaign.

My operative – let’s call him or her “The CPC War Room’s pizza delivery guy’s barber’s aunt” snuck these tidbits out to me in a used X-large pizza box still smelling of olives and dripping with bacon grease…

  • “Justin Trudeau – as Prime Minister he will cut income-splitting to fund injection sites in brothels”!
  • “Justin Trudeau – he like babies and he likes to eat pizza – he will FORCE FEED YOUR BABIES PIZZA!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – he want to put toll booths on Tim Horton drive-thrus to fund his ‘free-pot-for-schoolkids’ Program!
  • “Justin Trudeau – he will appoint an ISIS terrorist as  the Minister of National Defense!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – he almost drowned once when he was a kid. He was way over his head!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – as a drama teacher, he sold pot to kids on field trips to local brothels while reciting lines from Hamlet!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – his Dad was named Pierre. Which is French for “stone”. Which makes “just not ready” Justine a stoner who wants to inject drugs into your pizzas!

The only question is whether they will run out of days before ad ideas…


The Cons are already lining up their hate campaign in Ottawa South…

…in advance of next year’s Federal election.

I was just cruising through Twitter and found this:


Looking through the followers of this anonymous account, there is a veritable who’s-who of the Ottawa conservative Twitter attack dawg crew.

Same ol’, same ol’….

David is and has been a very effective and responsive MP. And as the next year unfolds, you can be sure that I’ll be doing what I can to return him to the Hill for another term.


Jason Kenney…

…scumbag extraordinaire…

Why one of Harper’s most vile attack mutts thought it was OK to use the stabbing in London as fodder against Justin Trudeau is beyond me.

Stay classy, JK, stay classy.


These guys…

…are used to working in the gutters, just like the CPC hyenas who hire them.



The Mulcair posts I threw on here…

over the past few days were fun… kinda like the #Harperhistory or #tellviceverything tags.

A point that I was trying to make is that these attack ads that are the darlings of the CPC inter-election “strategy” are becoming laughable – even to many conservatives.

I have an idea! Maybe The Robot and his merry gang of attack dawgs should put their majority (have they clued into this yet?) government to good use and expend some of the excess energy put into these ridiculous examples of video vomit into something more useful to Canadians. Perhaps a forward thinking and insightful policy or two? Perhaps?

C’mon you guys. Everyone is laughing at you.


Thomas Mulcair’s NDP…

…has weird ideas.

Dangerous and weird ideas.

He experiments with ideas.

Ideas that would kill Canadian jobs.

Jobs like these:

Ideas are a gateway to job-killing drugs.

The kind that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is keeping away from your children.

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP want to drug your kids with dangerous and weird ideas.

Only a strong, stable, Conservative majority government can stop Thomas Mulcair and the idea-junkie NDP.


Thomas Mulcair?

He hates hockey… he really does.

See this hockey player?

Thomas Mulcair hates hockey. He would ban our children from playing hockey.


Thomas Mulcair hates hockey, children and his country.

Only a strong Conservative majority government can stop him.


Thomas Mulcair is a monster…

… he really is.

See this puppy?

Thomas Mulcair hates puppies. He would do things that would hurt puppies.


Only a strong Conservative government can stop this puppy hater.


My debate teacher told us that…

ad hominem attacks were cowardly and used only by those of inferior intellect. And I agree.

Yet the CPC doesn’t see it this way. Politics over policy. Attacks over debate. Accusations over cooperation. It’s the Stephen Harper Way.

Daniel Veniez penned a good article in iPolitics about the latest series of cowardly attack ads on Bob Rae.

Mr. Harper has taken Canada down an ugly path of gradual incrementalist polarization, division, cynicism, and subterfuge. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed that such an amoral and unethical character could sit in the chair of the most important office in the land. He does not deserve the respect his office commands. Why? Because this sinister attack is only the latest in a very long string of flagrantly debasing drive-by hits, destructive and cynical policy, and immoral conduct by this small man and his smaller coterie of taxpayer-funded cheap shot artists and assassins.

This criticism is not aimed at the vast majority of Conservative Party members. They are good and decent people. I know they are horrified with how Stephen Harper has perverted the basic values of the old Reform and Progressive Conservative parties.

Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell would never sanction – much less stomach – Stephen Harper’s actions and the ugly politics he personifies.

My favourite quote : “Stephen Harper is the Todd Bertuzzi of Canadian politics.” Good one!

Majority Government. No election in sight for years. And still they practice the politics of cynicism and fear…


I don’t know…

.. how many of you have seen the cheesy ad (oops… NOT an ad… just a video, according to the NCC) made by that reactionary of all reactionary groups in Canada – the so-called National Citizen’s Coalition. I don’t think it is getting a lot of air time. And it IS really cheesy. And the NCC has disabled comments on the vid. Chickenshits…

And no, I’m not posting it on my blog. The stench would sully my else-wise nice and tidy venting space that I call Trashy’s World.

It’s about Grit interim (in name only) leader, Bob Rae. The vid goes on about how Rae ruined Ontario when he was Premier, spent like a madman, ate babies… that sort of thing. This is an ad for the Cons without the blue and white logo, pure and simple. And it’s an attack ad. The CPC really, really likes these ads because it suits their bumper sticker politics of fear: keep the message simple and portray the other guy as the baby-eating, spend-happy demon who will jack taxes up by 10,000%

And, as we saw in the last election, these ads work. And while the CPC themselves are not putting these ads out at the moment, their minions at the National Conservative Cabal are more than happy to oblige.

Now, there are two things I have to say about this.

  1. The vid is inaccurate about the timing of Rae’s ascension to the Premiership. It claims that the NDP pulled Ontario into a recession. This is factually wrong. The recession was already well under way when Rae took office. Look it up.
  2. Some Grits are whining about this video not being “fair” and that rules around third-party advertising should be tightened. And they are probably right. But instead of crying about how mean the Cons and the Nut-bar Convention of Cucumberheads are being, they need to strike back. And fast! They have some momentum coming out of the Ottawa Convention and they need to maintain it.I do hate negative ads and how they lower the level of political debate into the sewers. But they do serve to package the candidate in a negative light before the candidate has the opportunity to do so themselves. The CPC did it to Dion and masterfully to Iggy. And this must be stopped in the tracks. ASAP.

So, my fellow progressives and Liberals, quit whining about the rules and fight fire with fire. It pains me to write that, but it must be done.



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