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Arsene Wenger

Arsenal- ah.

Wow! There is a proposal on the table to buy a loser franchise (in terms of revenue and the locals not giving a shit) and relocate it to the Mecca of the hockey universe:  Southern Ontario.

Go Jim Go!!!!!

Although you are a multi millionaire innovative and visionary innovator and I’m but a lowly servant of the Canadian public, I admire your moxy!

Ya wanna build the brand – stay where you’re loved.

Gary Bettman is on crack.

Of course, I’m  overlypissed cuz the Gunners were destroyed by United today… so take my opinions with a big cube of salt.


Victory for the Gunners!

Arsenal took the first leg of the Champions League tilt against FC Twente.

Goals by Gallas and Adebayor clinched it for the Gunners. And the side looks to become even stronger with these comments from Arsène Wenger that there will be another signing before the second leg.

The victory is very impressive considering the number of players that were sidelined due to injury.