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Bite me!



Where is the loyalty?

It was with a heavy heart that I learned of Robin van Persie’s move to Old Trafford. My disgust and disappointment would have been tempered if the destination was somewhere other than Manure U (save Chelski and the Spurs, of course), but this was still a dagger in my heart.

His refusal to sign a contract extension was the writing on the wall for certain, but it still came as a shock.

And I’d like to wish the guy well, I really would, but mine would be qualified good wishes. The Boss stood by RvP through those injury-plagued seasons on spite of scathing criticism by Gooners everywhere. It finally paid off in spades last season when, as a heathy top flight star, the striker showed his worth.

But how did RvP show his appreciation for the faith that Arsene put in him? By publicly declaring that he didn’t agree with the direction of the team and would consequently not be seeking a contract extension.

I guess I was naïve to expect more. Van Persie is just another greedy and rich athlete where loyalty to a team is fleeting and superficial.

I’ll take one Thierry Henry over 10 RvPs any day!



Walcott!! Leave it to a Gunner to come through!!

What a strike!!


Friday miscellany…

…#tellviceverything edition!

My son and I were hit by a stomach bug the other night so we spent the day yesterday comfortably at home. It afforded me the opportunity to follow a Twitter hashtag called #tellviceverything. This was aimed at Justice Minister Vic Toews, who has been trumpeting the virtues of Bill C 30… which will effectively give the police broad authorities to track everything that Canadians do digitally – without judicial oversight.

I wrote about this the other day, if your memory if failing (like mine!).

Anyways… some clever dude thought of this tag in order for Canadians to tell Mr. Toews about intimate details about themselves… sorta saving Vic the trouble of doing it himself. And it was also taking the high road. Instead of tweeting details about Toews, users created the #TellVicEverything hashtag to share the banal details of their lives.. Here were some of my favourites:

@ToewsVic I admit it, I shot JR on Dallas. #TellVicEverything

Cats are both soft AND sharp! @ToewsVic #TellVicEverything

Dear @ToewsVic: I think I am allergic to dairy products. But I love cheese. What can I do? #TellVicEverything
RT @markcritch: Tony Clement has a small decorative gazebo inside his bigger gazebo. #TellVicEverything
…and my own:
@ToewsVic Chicken and dumplings. Should I use or omit the cornmeal for the dumplings? #TellVicEverything
Well… this isn’t going to dent the Con armour much as long as they couch everything as being “what’s best for the children”. Hmmm… where have I heard something that before…

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”- Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler

Ralph Manheim translation, Page 403 of the 1943 version. source:

Note – now before anyone gets all huffy about me comparing the Cons to the Nazis – I am not. I am simply pointing out that previous shady regimes have used the “protecting the children” justification in the past. I’m sure Castro and Che said something similar… OK?

As well, this is completely separate from the personal attcks of Toews and his family. As much as I cannot stand the guy, I DO NOT condone these types of attacks! Politics is rough and tumble but keep one’s personal life out of the mix! We are NOT the USA!


Woo-hoo! Pro ball is coming back to O-Town! I hope it is a Jays affiliate! If so, then you can sign me up for season tickets!!!


Whoa. It looks like the Alberta PCs may not be a big of a shoo-in as in past elections. The über right-wing Wildrose Party has some traction.

Ah. Alberta. Canada’s answer to Texas.


Gotta love 22 Minutes…



My eldest is an AC Milan fan, and I am of course a Gooner.

She thought this was funny to send to me after the debacle at the San Siro the other day…

I’ll have my revenge… oh yes I shall!



Finally, and maybe most importantly – at least to me – is the SC decision that mandatory religion courses do not harm the religious freedoms of parents and their children. Harper’s stacking of the Court with conservatives is paying some dividends.

So much for that division between church and state.

I am an Atheist, but a tolerant one. I believe that the superstitious beliefs of some over the eons have done more harm than good but believe in the “live and let live” doctrine. You go ahead and believe what you wish, but leave me to do the same.

This pokes a whole in that.

The contentious program, known as the Ethics and Religious Culture program, was made mandatory in Quebec schools in May, 2008.

Its stated purpose was to expose children to a range of cultures, creeds and religious traditions such as Judaism, aboriginal spirituality and other religious traditions. The goals of the program specified that an emphasis would be placed on the historical significance of French culture and the role Catholic and Protestant Christian traditions.

The parents behind the constitutional challenge, a Catholic couple who reside in Drummondville, Que., argued that the program was at odds with guarantees in the provincial Education Act.

They alleged that the program could expose their two children to harm and disruption, “caused by forced, premature contact” with beliefs that are incompatible with those held by the parents. They said that the program could also have an adverse effect on the religious beliefs the children were being taught in their home.

What if the OCDSB suddenly decided that all those in Grade 4 were required to take a course on religion? After this case, that would be totally valid.

I seldom side with catholics on anything concerning education policy, but parents do have the right to control what belief systems their kids are exposed to. And Atheism is very much a system of beliefs just like catholicism – a system that I do not want compromised as long as they are children.


Thierry Henry? As a Gunner again?

Well, he is a Gunner for life for most Arsenal fans… BUT he could be making a short-term re-appearance with the club!

Arsène Wenger says that he will use the Christmas period to decide whether to re-sign Club legend Thierry Henry.

Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer has been training with the Gunners during the MLS close season and could offer a short-term fix for Wenger when Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho depart for the Africa Cup of Nations.

I’ve watched him a few times in the MLS, and while he has perhaps lost half a step, he could still be very effective!

I say GO FOR IT, Arsène! RvP needs a rest once in while to stay healthy.


haaa…haaa… LMAO!!!…

…haaaa…. haaa.. LOL!!! LMAO!!!! ROTFL!!!!

Sorry… can’t. Stop. Laughing!

Manchester clubs crashed out of the Champions League at the group phase for only the third time in 16 years following a stunning 2-1 loss at Swiss champions Basel.

In a shock night of European football, United’s rivals Manchester City were also knocked out. Napoli’s 2-0 win against Villarreal ensured that City will play in the Europa League next season despite City’s 2-0 win at home to Bayern Munich.




Am I ever PUMPED for this season!

Here’s hoping that Cesc and Nasri both stick around for the season and that Arsene has the sense to pick up another quality defender!



Is Barca the best side ever?


But it is tough to compare across the ages.

For hockey fans, it is kind of like comparing the Oilers to the Habs, dynasty-wise.

But man, that match yesterday was a joy to watch – and not just because Manure Utd came out on the short end of the stick.

One touch, one touch, one touch… simply amazing.

Congrats to Barca… as a Gooner, they are what I hope our side aspires to and soon achieves. Arsenal has most of the talent. Add a couple of centre-backs and for gawds sake, acquire a top-notch keeper… and we’ll be there!



Friday miscellany…

Seems like the Harperites have been giving lessons to the White House in how best to exploit the infrastructure funding they been dishing out as part of the economic recovery glorious slush fund.

I’ll be glad when all of the ugly signage is removed for good. But don’t expect that to happen until there is a change in government.

– Some polls are showing that the public mood is about as stable as the Great Wall… others are showing a Grit uptick… who is right?

– Rand Paul. Whatta dork. Yes, Mr. Paul, the Tea Baggers are a bunch of radical yee-haws.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A billboard created by an Iowa tea party group that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is drawing sharp criticism – even from fellow tea party activists who have condemned it as offensive and a waste of money.

The North Iowa Tea Party began displaying the billboard in downtown Mason City last week. The sign shows large photographs of Obama, Nazi leader Hitler and communist leader Lenin beneath the labels “Democrat Socialism,” “National Socialism,” and “Marxist Socialism.”

Beneath the photos is the phrase, “Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive.”

And yes, Canada has an equivalent. Though not as strong and public, you can bet that they have been behind many of the Con policy decisions lately. They DO have to cater to their core from time to time…

More OC Crapspo hi jinks
I just waited for 10 minutes to get a connecting bus from Hurdman to Tunney’s Pasture. In that time only two buses that were going as far west as Tunney’s showed up and one of them – a 34 – stopped at the far end of the platform before hurrying away, in spite of at least three would-be passengers trying to flag it down. Finally a 38 showed up and actually stopped to pick up riders. Imagine that! A driver thinking it his job to allow riders on the bus! And on a Friday too!

Gawd, their service sucks sometimes… I wonder when the next strike/lock-out will be?

Pretty soon, if mayorlarry manages somehow to get re-elected. The vid that was posted on YouTube by Jim Watson’s peeps was sure funny, but won’t go a long way in establishing Jimbo as a credible alternative. A lot of folks think that it was a little juvenile. Add this to the entry of Clive Doucet into the (why, Clive why?) and some left-of-centre vote splitting is almost certain… with a certain bald guy named larry taking full advantage of his appeal with the Timmie’s crowd.

Don’t count him out!

– BP. Boycott them and all of their products. Forever.

– Steinbrenner dies… and I won’t diss him… In fact, even if you thought of him as an egotistical, micromanaging blowhard, ya can’t argue the fact that he brought success to the franchise that everyone, including me, loves to hate.

– Did I mention that OC Transpo sucks?

– The World Cup is over for another 4 yrs. Some surprises and some scandals. England was completely underwhelming. Ghana was tragic. Brazil was amazing – until their final game. Italy and France sucked.

At least the EPL starts up again in about a month! Go Gunners!

And if I ever hear another vuvuzela, I will scream.


Adebayor’s intentional stomp…

I’m glad the Gunners got rid of him – no place for this in the EPL!