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Remind me

why we are sacrificing our young men and women in places like Afghanistan.

Please, remind me.

Killing your own kids in the name of honour? These subhumans have no place in this country – or any country for that matter – and our troops should have no role in preserving this way of life if this is by any means accepted as the norm.

Stevo – plan an exit strategy. Now.


The U.S. adds to its troop strength

In yet another valiant attempt to add to its already $37 gazillion budgetary deficit, the Obama administration has decided to increase its troop strength to deal with pressures overseas.

Though it is sometimes difficult to keep track of exactly how many wars Uncle Sam has his fingers in, these new low income, inner-city and naive brave troops will be based in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, can someone please explain to me what kind of warped logic would lead otherwise rational men and women to, during the greatest economic crisis since the 1930’s (and possibly ever) decide to add to America’s growing economic malaise by investing further in two wars that are going very, very badly.  It is akin to a household with multiple and huge credit card debt to take out another credit card, draw the max cash advance, and give the money to that lazy uncle who you know is going to head straight to the track and lose the bundle. Bad idea, right?

Here’s a thought for Obama and for Harper too. Instead of digging yourself deeper in these unwinnable wars, start planning your exit strategy. The money spent on troops can be more wisely invested at home on helping your countries get through these difficult economic times.


NATO slaps restrictions on Canadian media in Kandahar

I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised to see this headline, eh?

According to the Mothercorp, journalists have far less access to the world outside of their bases.

Grit  Denis Coderre said that “The media is not the enemy and this is a form of censorship — and it is unacceptable,”  “There is a public interest to know what’s going on in the field.” and he is correct. The idea of having journalists directly in the field during a conflict is to have the ability to provide unimpeded and unfiltered information to the Canadian people – the ones who are “funding” the mission.

And whose sons and daughters are dying for it.

This decision by NATO (note – this is not a Harper Directive – though I don’t see them making a big fuss about it… nasty media!) goes against this principle and pressure should be brought upon the organization to lift some of the restrictions.

Since coming into force in March, journalists even have to be escorted to and from the bathroom, for frick sake!

The new U.S. security team at Kandahar Airfield stopped issuing International Security Assistance Force accreditation to journalists in late February. Instead it gives them temporary base visitor passes, which restrict movements and require them to be closely monitored.

The reporters are also compelled to forfeit their passports to the military for the duration of their stay.

Even stranger still, U.S. journalists are not covered by these restrictions. “Some of the new rules do not apply to American journalists because the measures would violate their rights under the U.S. constitution.”

This is insane. Harper get Canada the the hell out of this stupid war. Guess Canadians are good enough to die there, just not good enough to know what’s actually going on.



Didn’t read new rape law, Karzai admits

President Karzai doesn’t take the time to read the legislation that he is signing into law.

Again – why are we there? Why are our brave troops trying their damnedest to help a people whose leaders are still in the Stone Age?



A very, very simple question

The government of Afghanistan, with the support of President Karzai, passes a law that makes it just peachy-keen-OK for a husband to rape his wife. The law also makes it illegal for Shia Muslim women in the country to refuse to have sex with their husbands and restricts their rights outside the home as well.

Hey, they’re just chattel to these misogynists, aren’t they?


And protesters who marched against this law are pelted by cowardly men with stones.


Of course, not all Afghans are living in the Stone Age, right? Right?

In search of a life together, Abdul Aziz and Gul Pecha fled their remote Afghan village, hoping to leave behind their ultraconservative families and the sharia law of the Taliban-controlled region.

Their marriage hadn’t been arranged, and their parents didn’t approve. To try to elope in the remote Khash Rod district, where women face strict rules about appearing outdoors, was a risk for Mr. Aziz, 21, and Ms. Pecha, 19.

This is a country where tribal rivalries and honour killings are accepted as the norm. Furthermore, many of these despicable practices and beliefs are being codified as law under the watch of a government installed by the West – further ensuring this region’s place as one of the world’s most backward and crude.

So my question is:

Why is my nation still sending soldiers to this basket case of a country where the rule of law means nothing. Lives are cheap and guns even cheaper. And men hold onto the perch of power using any means available to them – moral or not.

Can someone tell me why wonderful young Canadians are still dying there?

This country is not going to change its ways in a few years or a few decades.

It is time we politely but firmly gave our notice.


A not-so-squishy post about a real waste of taxpayer $$$’s!

Back to ranting.

Check this out. In times where everyone in the Public Service is being asked to tighten their collective belts, the miliatry sees fit to give their slightly wacky ex-Grand Poobah a VERY expensive going away party!

$270 K to be exact! And $6,600 so his Holiness could track off into the sunset on a frickin’ tank!

Off into the sunset... and to get 20K per speaking engagement!

Off into the sunset... and to get 20K per speaking engagement!

Yeah, yeah – I can hear the military folks bleating (this is your cue, Squiddude) that this pomp and ceremony is an integral “part” of the military and is essential to maintain morale! But from my angle it seems that buying some new equipment for the soldiers may do even MORE for morale with the added benefit of helping them not get, uh, killed in that quagmire we like to call Afghanistan!

Gee, I wonder if Nortel threw a magnificent party for those thousand of folks that they laid off?


ReformCons are imploding – key party figure suspended!

Senior CPC spokesrobot Ryan Sparrow has been suspended because of a completely boneheaded and disgusting suggestion he made about the Father of a slain soldier. This Father criticized the change in policy on the war – and was in fact (according to Sparrow), a LIBERAL! Mr. Sparrow sent an email to CTV News today suggesting that Jim Davis, the soldier’s dad, is a supporter of Liberal incumbent Michael Ignatieff.

I don’t think anyone should really be surprised by such an act. After all, these are personalities who are program to attack, attack, attack – especially in the face of (how dare they!) criticism!

Meanwhile, Dion is part way through another day without a gaffe. And I heard Jack Layton on the Mothercorp this morning talking through his mustache about giving “targeted” subsidies to the auto makers (huh?) and Liz may going on about how to make a great seafood chowder.

In terms of information, Ms. May won this morning’s battle, hands down.

That’s two bad days in a row for the Harperites – how about three!


Why NOT to vote for Stephen Harper – #1

As promised, I will be posting regular thoughts on why giving the Harperites a second mandate – and likely a majority – is a very bad idea for Canada. I will not endorse one alternative over another – but will make the case for ABH – Anyone But Harper.

These will be in no particular order of importance.

#1 Politics of fear

In continuing with the “hard on crime” theme and the need for a solid leader for the troops in Afghanistan, Harper is following the Karl Rove strategy of using fear to win support.

I remember bookmarking this page a few years ago and I think that it applies equally now as it did then:

Stephen Harper knows a good trick when he sees it: the fear tactic. It has worked wonders for George Bush for five years – with yellow alerts, hints of danger and the passing of new draconian laws that convince many Americans that such laws are really necessary.

Harper is doing the same thing with a string of new laws to “fight crime.” This kind of politics is truly despicable not just for deliberately misleading people about how much crime there is in Canada and providing false solutions but for consciously and strategically trying to corrupt the political culture.

As we have witnessed for years in the US, a country afraid of its own shadow is a country that ignores the many far more important issues of everyday life: economic security, health care, the environment, energy costs, the collapse of American public schools, the erosion of pensions, child care, etc.

Keep them scared – and you can keep them distracted.

Unfortunately, the politics of fear works. It worked for the Republicans when a bumbling fool was RE-elected as president. And it may work this time in Canada unless the other parties can somehow counter this message.

I found this Facebook group – and if you share these options, join up and let our opinions be heard!

Next time – the politics of fear and the invention of the “crime” issue.


More Canadian troops die in Afghanistan – enough already!

We don’t need any more of this!!!!

Harper or Dion or freakin’ SOMEONE has to come up with an exit strategy – NOW!!!!

As I have had tatooed on my chest, over my heart:

War is stupid

Bring our boys home.