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Advance polls

Advance poll turnout, a big thing or meh?

We Canucks were pretty darned busy over the weekend exercising our responsibility as citizens. Gardening was put aside, playoff talk suspended and the turkeys were left to cook as we flocked to advance polls in record numbers… 34% higher turnout than the last time, in fact!

Is this cause for joy or simply a factor of timing? After all, the polls were held – to the disdain of a few hard core religiousity peeps – over the Easter long weekend. Friday was a day off for many and Twitter was a bustling about line ups at several stations across the country.

But what if we accept that yes, the timing did contribute to the relatively high numbers, but this was also a sign of something else. Like, interest maybe?

Wow. If this is true and this newfound engagement carries forward to E Day, how might the results be impacted?

Here are a few observations:

Apathy is the government’s friend. Any government. If folks are more or less happy with the way things are, they are less likely to get off their butts and wander down to the polling booth. But if the citizenry is pretty pissed off, they might just PVR that latest episode of Oprah and vote.

Second, the un-freaking-believable uptick in Dipper fortunes tells me that many of the newfound converts to democracy may just be deciding to ditch the norm (and Steve, Gilles and Mikey too) and embrace someone else for a change.

And yes, the Dippers are for real, as the latest Nanos numbers show.

The saving grace for the Cons at the moment is that their support, though sub-40, is more efficient than the support for the other parties. And this just may deliver Stevo the majority that he lusts for.

Or not.

All in all, we may see something special on Monday night. A change in the ho-hum Canadian political landscape?

Or not.

BALLOT – 7:00 am

Canada Trendline [PDF]

Conservative 37.8% -1.4
NDP 27.8% +4.2
Liberal 22.9% -2.7
BQ 5.8% -0.7
Green 4.7% +1.1

(3 days ending April 26)