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2011 general election

Brian and Stevo – not the best of buds?

Truth told, I never really liked Brian Mulroney. I found him kind of arrogant and self-absorbed. He also got WAY too cozy with the Americans – IMHO. I ran in the 1993 election for these reasons, among others.

But I did respect the guy. Although our politics differed somewhat, I found him to be intelligent, articulate and knowledgable (OK, well-briefed). He was also arguably the “greenest” of all our Prime Ministers having established the “Green Plan”. An environmental roadmap that was lauded by the rest of the world.

Ah, those were the days… when Canada actually led the world in something other than spin…

So when I read this piece on the lack of enthusiasm that Mr. Mulroney has for the Harper-led Conservative government, I was not really too surprised. Mulroney was a PM who, love him or hate him, articulated policies, not political opportunism.

It was an illuminating moment in a remarkably candid conversation.

Brian Mulroney, the most successful Conservative prime minister since Sir John A. Macdonald, was sitting down for a rare television interview the other day in Montreal.

TVOntario’s Steve Paikin, always adroit at coaxing politicians to dish, broached the subject of the May 2 election and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

“You’re voting for Mr. Harper, I take it,” said Paikin, coincidentally the moderator of Tuesday’s English-language leaders’ debate.

“At this point,” replied Mulroney with a pause that seemed to hang in the air longer than its mere second, “I’ll vote for the Conservative candidate in my constituency.”


Thanks Mr. Mulroney, for showing that it is not only we progressives who are uncomfortable with Harper’s version of conservative politics.


Writ will be dropped tomorrow…

After today’s damning rulings that the Speaker has leveled against the ReformCons, Harper will have no choice but to visit Rideau Hall tomorrow.

Here’s why:

He simply cannot allow the Opposition time to build a platform based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Harper would lose such an election.

His strength is the economy. The Grits, Bloq and Dippers know that and will not win an election where the budget becomes the platform.

So The Robot will power up his lithium batteries and trudge his way through tomorrow’s snowstorm and ask the GG to dissolve Parliament.

Let the games begin