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I hate when snowflakes make their inevitable reappearance on the Environment Canada website.




… such an innocent sounding name… doesn’t sound at all like a hurricane.

I think of “Sandy” and this is her:

NOT this:

Who thinks up these names, anyhow?

Might be an interesting Tuesday, by the look of it… and dressed up witches might do some real flying on Halloween!


A coooooool morn’!





That’s better.

See what happens when you bitch a little bit?


This forecast had better change…


…by the time we arrive in P Dot next Tuesday.

That is all.


Beautiful week ahead…

… But this lack of precip has to be worrying farmers somewhat! I know I’ve been having to water my small gardens quite often… with great results!

And what a great time to go camping. The weather is perfect… dry, not too hot, breezy. Awesome!

Enjoy it while it lasts, folks.


Yup, 35 a short time ago

… and now this.

Whatta country!



Get through some T storms tonight…


… and it looks mighty fine for the next while.

And soop-ah for golf tomorrow!


This getting a bit creepy…

… seriously. 26 degrees in MARCH???

Look, I know that I go on and on about the weather – I am a Canadian, after all – but is this not just a wee bit strange?


Crazy shit…

…Going down in the Valley…
Weird for March…