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About that storm…

… that we had in Ottawa yesterday.

  • All things considered, I think the City staff and equipment handled the situation the best they could. More than fifty centimetres of snow fell in about a 14 hour span… very challenging for City crews. Hopefully the aftermath will be cleared away quickly.
  • What switch doesn’t go off in some drivers’ heads during a storm? Clearly it’s the “wow, I guess I should slow down” switch
  • Speaking of failed switch openings – please, please, PLEASE clean off your vehicle BEFORE you leave the parking lot! Do NOT do so in the middle of a busy street after your “clear the car of snow” switch finally does trip.
  • Last -and this will be sure to bug some of my cycling friends. I get it that you pedal-pushers have the right to share the road with we drivers. And normally I never have issues with that. But do you really, REALLY have to exercise that right in the middle of one of the biggest storms EVER and cycle along one of the busiest streets in Ottawa (Heron road and Riverside Drive, for those of you in the know). Witnessed this yesterday (and not for the first time)… couldn’t see a freaking thing because of the blowing snow but here’s this idiot, riding along, cars swerving to avoid him… being a hazard to himself and others! Can the City pass a bylaw prohibiting this type of activity? Or maybe a change to the Highway Traffic Act is in order? It is sheer lunacy to cycle in those conditions.


The world may be a bit crazy right now…

… but at least the weather is awesome – if you are a winter-hater like me!

No white death powder in the forecast well into December! Woot!

Yeah, Turkey has provoked war with Russia, the whole freaking world is freaking freaked out by what happened in Paris and security is at its highest since 9/11 and it looks like David Price will leave the Jays… but….

NO SNOW (yet) and it’s gonna be 11 C tomorrow!!!!!

weather 2




…shorts and sandals temps!



Changed the temp unit of measure…

… To Fahrenheit to show my American friends how trippy Canuck weather can be.

Yup. A 30 degree swing in 24 hours or so. It’s all good.



Danger under the snow…

Take care out there kids, especially if you’re in the NCR. Beaucoup de neige!

These are also the ideal conditions for winter hoop snakes. These critters very much like it around the freezing mark and thrive especially well when the first snow of the season hits. This gives them adequate cover to stealthily sneak up on their prey. Of course, while small animals and occasionally cats are the hoops’ usual victims, they can be deadly to humans as well. So caution should be exercised at all times.


School bus cancellations…

… are serious decisions that impact thousands of familites. The decision to cancel should not be made lightly and should keep the chidrens’ safety first and foremost. BUT, erring on the side of caution can be taken a bit too far.

Take the last two Mondays, for example, last Monday was most definitely an over reaction. The buses needn’t have been cancelled. Yesterday, maybe.

And then there’s this morning. I’m writing this on the bus. A bus that is slipping and sliding all over Albert Street!

If any day should have been a snow day, it should have been today. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency in the decision-making process at the OSTA.

Transportation Cancellations

The safety of students is always the first consideration when the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) makes the decision to cancel transportation services.

The OSTA and the Consortium de transport scolaire d’Ottawa have developed joint procedures for school transportation cancellations in the case of inclement weather and/or adverse road conditions.

OSTA and Consortium de transport scolaire d’Ottawa staff make the decision to cancel school transportation services based on the the best forecasted weather information available at the time the decisions need to be made, in collaboration with several external sources, and our combined prior experience.

Several times each day, evening and overnight, OSTA staff receive up-to-date information from The Weather Network and Environment Canada regarding weather and road conditions in the City of Ottawa and the surrounding area. When weather or roads appear hazardous, OSTA staff review the weather and road information received. We are in contact with school bus operators, other area school board transportation staff, and municipal roads crews to assist in determining whether school transportation services will proceed or be cancelled for the day.




I hate snow.



It’s global warming, stupid…

I love this… Especially the quote:

Our cover story this week may generate controversy, but only among the stupid



Hurricane Sandy relief?

Is the Canadian or any provincial government helping out at all?

I know we have sent crews to the States to provide assistance before, and I know it’s still early, but surely we should be planning something, right?



Hey! Students who wailed away…

…on my bus this morning and on Twitter about schools needing to be closed today!

Listen up.

Legit reasons to close schools:

  • Power outage
  • Water outage
  • Major snowstorm / freezing rain event that puts staff and / or students at risk of physical harm
  • Earthquakes – big ones
  • Invasion by aliens
  • Invasion by the U.S. or other former superpower
  • Locusts – big ones

Not a legit reason:

  • Major storm 500 km away that may cause things to get a bit breezy in Ottawa


Back in MY day, we walked to school in raging snowstorms with -55F temps! That’s FAHRENHEIT, KIDS! AND WE WORE NEWSPAPER ON OUR FEET CUZ WE COULDN’T AFFORD BOOTS!

Sheesh. Kids these day…