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Yet another reason I hope that my union Local leaves CAPE…

I’ve bitched about this before.

But “my” union – the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) used to shy away from the militant activities of other public sector unions like PSAC. By and large, the Local’s members believe that a union serves two purposes: collective bargaining and representation and help in the case of a dispute with the employer.

And I get that. And agree with our historical approach to labour relations.

Yesterday was the final day of voting on the next union budget…  which includes a $ 1 million strike fund and will leave the members with a tripling of dues. At least.

I, of course, voted no to this ridiculous and reckless spending but I fear that apathy will again win the day and the budget will be passed.

But on to the other reason why I think that this Union isn’t for me: The leadership is all proud and fuzzy about Greece standing up to those Euro bastards who insist on being paid back their taxpayers’ money because, due to Greece’s incompetence and a legacy of corruption, they can’t manage their own affairs.

Gee. I default on my mortgage, go to my bank. Ask for more money and better terms.


Do I want any of my dues going to supporting the Greece mess? Of course not.

Here’s hoping that apathy did not win the day and we can put the silliness of strike talk to bed for good and the union leadership “gets” that peripheral activities like supporting a messed up country is not what the membership wants.

Or my Local will leave. We have done it before.


The Sopranos – final edit

I thought it was worth re-posting this entry from 6 years ago… Gonna miss that big lug.


I don’t often blog about TV shows. To me, it is a bit of a waste of time editorializing about fiction – especially fiction presented on this medium.

But I don’t mind breaking this rule in the name of Uncle Tony and the gang.

Last night’s series conclusion was baffling to say the least. Yes, I know many of the true fans are pointing to the ending as appropriate in terms of not having a really conclusion with the ends nicely tied up because Tony S. was much the same piece of work… lots of loose ends.

But I can’t help but figger if we fans were taken for a bunch of saps. Here is the conclusion. You guys figure it out – and BTW – here’s the DVD with alternate endings and the full -length feature film!

Maybe I missed something on the way to the peeler joint, but one can interpret the ending as I have stated above – nuthin‘ but a set-up. Or it can be seen as a purist’s delight due to the symbolism shown in the final scene and the cut to black technique.

After some angry moments, I am coming over to the more artsy interpretation. The fans sites are busy places today and one of the posts points out the scene when Tony and Bobby are on the lake and Tony says that when you’re whacked, you never see it coming and you just cut to back.

Just like the ending.


Iggy comes clean – sorta

The Grit leader says that he will support the budget only if the neocons agree to provide clear budget updates in order to track fiscal progress.

Stevie should be able to live with this.

I hope.


Will divine intervention be needed?

The, uh, City “Council” is meeting today to discuss wassup with the negotiating gerbils and their minions.

Although I am a confimed and happy atheist, I say to these folks – GO FOR IT! What the hell!

In a note to city council Friday announcing the failure, Mayor Larry O’Brien put the blame squarely on the union.

“The federal mediator has suggested that since the parties continue to be so far apart on their demands there is no benefit in continuing mediated talks at this time,” the mayor wrote.

Meanwhile, the breakdown in talks has the public calling on councillors and calling on God.

About 35 people attended a special prayer service Friday night at St. Joseph’s Parish on Laurier Avenue East in downtown Ottawa.

“We were trying to think of a way we could respond,” said pastoral associate Mary Murphy. “A prayer service seemed the most logical because it is based in faith and we believe faith can make a difference

Garth Gullekson, The Ottawa Citizen

Mayor Larry O'Brien and Councillors Jacques Legendre, Diane Holmes, Peggy Feltmate, Christine Leadman, Peter Hume, Maria McRae, and Clive Doucet in discussion at City Hall during an emergency city council meeting called to discuss the OC Transpo strike on Saturday. Photograph by: Garth Gullekson, The Ottawa Citizen

Above – our elected representatives hard at  burning the Saturday away. My question: where are the rest of them? Still in Whistler?

Oh – and good to see Peter “the disappearing man” Hume in attendance – makes me all tingly to see that he is doing his damnedest to look after we poor saps that used to take the 149 and 148!

Way to go Petey!


Says it all…


Please link to me if you want to copy…


New blog on Canucks politiks

Bet some of you are wondering a little bit why Trashy has yet to spout off about the current political standoff in Ottawa.

Well, I will… just haven’t had the time to put something coherent down due to my rage and anger over this whole situation.

MISTER Harper: this is NOT a constitutional crisis. This type of situation is clearly IN the constitution.

MISTER Harper: You brought this on yourself when you DELIBERATELY threw egg in the the collective faces of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

MISTER Harper: It’s about the economy, Stupid! Not about scoring political points.

OK – that’s all I can say right now. Blood pressure is rising again. Gotta get to the gym

Folks – prepare yourself for a whole new slew of attack ads by the ReformCons accusing the Grits and Dippers of planning a coup.

Oh, and others are ranting equally well about this.

This is one of my fave paragraphs to date. Harpy should study it.

If the Liberals and NDP can get the support of enough MPs to win a confidence vote then they have the “right” to govern. In our system, that’s what having the right to govern means. No more and certainly no less. The Conservatives did not win a majority and it is quite undemocratic of them to insist that the other parties give them what the voters of this country would not.

Oh, and check this out.

Sad. So sad.

Sad. So sad.


Arsenal shows that they’re not out of it!

Go Gunners! 2-1 against Man. Utd.!


I love Killer Rabbits


Richard Wright

Been meaning to show my respect.

The world appreciates what you did Mr. Wright.


I found a new place to roam

Neat site for we Orphan voters… I like the phrase – has an “Oliver-esque” appeal.