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Way to go, Canada! U rock!

You won that match. Hold your heads high. Your country is damned proud.

A comment on the site says it all:

Great effort ladies. The only thing missing from that game was a trained referee.

Yup. I coulda done better.

Might have exploded my heart trying to keep up with your pace, but, meh.

And Ms. Sinclair, you are a class act. You and your team must lead the Canadian team into the closing ceremonies.



Walcott!! Leave it to a Gunner to come through!!

What a strike!!


The Pretty Boy…

… is whining again.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a dig at Lionel Messi after the Portugal international was mocked by Denmark supporters during the 3-2 victory in Lviv on Wednesday night, when the Real Madrid forward once again failed to deliver for his country. The Denmark fans chanted Messi’s name whenever Ronaldo was on the ball.

Asked about the Messi chants, Ronaldo said: “You know where he was at this time [last year]? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, no?”

As well as not getting his facts right –  Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the competition before losing to the eventual winners, Uruguay – Ronaldo’s response will be interpreted by many as evidence of his annoyance with Messi’s status as the world’s best footballer. Although Ronaldo scored 60 goals for Real Madrid last season en route to winning La Liga, Messi eclipsed him on an individual basis, scoring 73 goals for Barcelona, including 50 in the league.

Sorry, Pretty Boy. Messi is the best. You don’t even make it to the top 5!

So glad I don’t have to watch this cry-baby in the EPL anymore!


Go England!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate seeing things like this happen.

I really do.

Our local soccer club has cancelled the 2012 season due to a lack of volunteers.

2012 Season Cancelled

Dear parents,

The Canterbury Soccer Club is a community-based, developmental soccer club that has been run solely by volunteers for the past 35 years. Some years, we have had up to 700 athletes from 4-15 years old learn to play soccer and have fun at the same time with our organization.

For the past several years, the numbers of volunteers has dwindled to the point where parents whose kids no longer play with the CSC have been asked to come back to help complete 10 executive jobs that needed to be done.

Lately, we have also had to vigorously convince parents to volunteer as we are annually short on coaches. But, the three people on executive last year managed to organize the 48 teams for over 550 kids to make the season happen. One of those volunteers was at the field 4 nights a week for the entire season.

We understand that soccer may not be a very familiar game to most, and that coaching is can be a daunting task. However, we have in place several options open for coaches’ training and practice plans that will help in running teams.

However, as a result of not having enough volunteers we have decided to cancel 2012 season in its entirety.

We hope that you will consider volunteering for a position on the executive or as a coach next year.  The Annual General meeting where the executive jobs will be filled for 2013 will be held in the boardroom of the Biran Kilrea Arena (next the the Canterbury Community Centre) on Thursday April 19th at 7:00 pm.

Please step forward as a volunteer so that CSC will be reborn in 2013. Our kids are relying on you.

If you live in south-east Ottawa, please consider volunteering for next season.

Yeah, I know, it is tough to find the time. And if you are at all like me, you are already involved in one thing or another in your community or with your family. There is a limit.

But if you don’t already have something on the go, or can spare a few hours in the evening during the week next May and June, why not consider getting involved with this organisation? It is well-run, the season isn’t long, you get outdoors, and best of all, NO experience required!



Thierry Henry? As a Gunner again?

Well, he is a Gunner for life for most Arsenal fans… BUT he could be making a short-term re-appearance with the club!

Arsène Wenger says that he will use the Christmas period to decide whether to re-sign Club legend Thierry Henry.

Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer has been training with the Gunners during the MLS close season and could offer a short-term fix for Wenger when Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho depart for the Africa Cup of Nations.

I’ve watched him a few times in the MLS, and while he has perhaps lost half a step, he could still be very effective!

I say GO FOR IT, Arsène! RvP needs a rest once in while to stay healthy.


haaa…haaa… LMAO!!!…

…haaaa…. haaa.. LOL!!! LMAO!!!! ROTFL!!!!

Sorry… can’t. Stop. Laughing!

Manchester clubs crashed out of the Champions League at the group phase for only the third time in 16 years following a stunning 2-1 loss at Swiss champions Basel.

In a shock night of European football, United’s rivals Manchester City were also knocked out. Napoli’s 2-0 win against Villarreal ensured that City will play in the Europa League next season despite City’s 2-0 win at home to Bayern Munich.