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Russia should NOT be allowed to host…

…the 2018 World Cup.

As Clegg asserts in this article

FIFA is unlikely to strip Putinland of the tourney, however.

Responding this week after some German politicians called for Russia to be boycotted, Fifa said the 2018 tournament could be a “force for good”.

Putin is an international criminal and the head of a rogue and anti-democratic nation. Grand international events should not allowed to happen in nations like these.

Plus, as one of my Facebook friends rightly point out:

Let’s see now when was the last time FIFA IOC or any other big sports franchise chose ethics over money, OH yeah never.


Go England!!!!



I may be here tomorrow, but….

Awesome coach training session tonight! Loved it!


Some notes:

1) The other coaches were at least 5 yrs younger than me. The majority were 25-35. I guess most guys don’t father a child at 44. Testosterone-challenged woosies.

2) Being one step above sedentary for a year and then, well, doing wind sprints for 2 hours? Feels great. But I was consciously checking for signs of a heart attack. “No numbness in left arm? Gooood…”

3) oops. Spoke too soon.

4) nope. Just indigestion.

5) I love the Beautiful Game. While my heart is with hockey, the poetry of soccer? Sorry. There is no equivalent.

6) Finally, I’m going to be really, really, really sore tomorrow. Really sore.

7) Really.


Soccer in Canada if you have a penis?

I’ve been holding back posting this for a few days until my utter anger dissipated. Well, that ain’t really happening…

If you are serious about soccer as a career. if you are talented and want to pursue the Beautiful Game as a vocation, then I hope, for your own sake that you are not a Canadian male.

Because Canada when it comes to soccer? Well, we suck.

Let me be perfectly clear that I’m not talking about the estrogen dominant species… Just those of us where testosterone gains the day.

Our women? They win the bronze medal at the Olympics. They should have had a chance at the gold if not for a ref who was either on the take or stupidly drunk.

Our men? They go into a game against that soccer powerhouse, Honduras, needing only a tie to advance to the next stage. Honduras is not Germany. Nor England, Portugal, nor fricking Serbia!

So what do our men do? Well, they lose by 7 goals! I saw better defending by some of the U12 teams I coached!

We should just call it a day and forget about going after any more World Cups. It isn’t worth the humiliation.


Christine Sinclair’s ludicrous ban…

…and fine is typical of the corrupt anachronism called FIFA! Like the IOC, it is a cabal of greed and very wealthy individuals who are interested in nothing else but seeing a great sport make as much money for them as possible… even if they have to degrade the Game to so.

Christine Sinclair is an amateur athlete who is the best in the world at her art. She should have been treated with more respect than this.

Wait till the boos rain down on the FIFA officials at the 2014 Women’s World Cup!

Does anyone know to whom I should fire off a cheque to help to offset some if the $3500 fine?


It hurts to see this…





Bite me!



Where is the loyalty?

It was with a heavy heart that I learned of Robin van Persie’s move to Old Trafford. My disgust and disappointment would have been tempered if the destination was somewhere other than Manure U (save Chelski and the Spurs, of course), but this was still a dagger in my heart.

His refusal to sign a contract extension was the writing on the wall for certain, but it still came as a shock.

And I’d like to wish the guy well, I really would, but mine would be qualified good wishes. The Boss stood by RvP through those injury-plagued seasons on spite of scathing criticism by Gooners everywhere. It finally paid off in spades last season when, as a heathy top flight star, the striker showed his worth.

But how did RvP show his appreciation for the faith that Arsene put in him? By publicly declaring that he didn’t agree with the direction of the team and would consequently not be seeking a contract extension.

I guess I was naïve to expect more. Van Persie is just another greedy and rich athlete where loyalty to a team is fleeting and superficial.

I’ll take one Thierry Henry over 10 RvPs any day!


Drunken ref not working any more…

Yup. She just wasn’t chosen. I’m sure that this has nothing to do with her being drunk during the Canada/US match.

No siree… nothing at all…


FIFA sucks… and so does the IOC…

This is such utter bullshit.

Either the fix was in or that ref was just so completely incompetent that it defies imagination. And I know more than a little bit about the game.

Tell ya what. If the players or the coach are fined for those justified remarks, I – and I’m sure millions of other Canucks – will be willing to cover those fines by throwing some coinage into the pot.

Just tell me where to send the cheque.

The beautiful game just ain’t so beautiful today.