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Seriously. Free popcorn. Oh wait, $1 popcorn.

Gotta love the Schmens… But they’re all the same.

“My message to the fans to come out and support the team, you’re going to want to be part of this because this is going to be a great, great team for the coming years if not immediately and you don’t want to be left out in the cold,” Melnyk said at a news conference before the Senators opened training camp Sunday.

“As a die-hard fan, you are part of this organization. I just want you guys back.”

Winning some fans back could prove difficult. Some showed anger or indifference the 113-day lockout, which officially ended Saturday when the players ratified the new CBA.

Some teams around the league are offering incentives to try and bring paying customers back into the arenas, and the Senators are no different.

Among the offerings to the fans is free parking on opening night, free admission to kids 14 years of age and younger in four of the first 10 home games, $1 popcorn and pop in seven of the first 10 games and half price merchandise up until the end of opening night at home.

Whoa. $1 popcorn. Hold me back.

On a related note, I am once again amazed at the attention that Sen fans give to the Leafs in place of commenting on what their own team is up to. It’s the same every year. And just as pitiful.

Give it a rest, Sen Army, or Nation, or whatever. The rest of the NHL gets your Leaf-envy. Let. It. Go.

If I actually gave a crap about the NHL anymore, I’d really try to like the home team. But the fans? I just can’t take them. If there was a poll taken across the country on which NHL team had the most annoying fans… Ottawa would be number one!


So the billionaires and millionaires…

…at the NHL and NHLPA have figured out how to the split the billions and millions.

And it took these bozos months to come to an agreement. Months of no work for thousands of people who don’t make billions or millions and who relied on their minimum or slightly more than minimum wage to support their families.

Months of disappointing fans of the game… especially hurt in this way were the kids.

One labour disruption – I could forgive.

But hey you greedy SOBs, for me its two strikes and you’re out. I sure as hell won’t be watching any games this season and that might just carry on into the 13/14 campaign.

You’ve lost me. NHL hockey now ranks down around mixed martial arts for me in my ranked list of preferred sports… and that’s pretty low.

Adios, suckahs!




The NHL?

Call the code.


Look out Yankees!!

Right on AA! You did done good.

Now maybe the Jays can once again contend in the AL East!




Soccer in Canada if you have a penis?

I’ve been holding back posting this for a few days until my utter anger dissipated. Well, that ain’t really happening…

If you are serious about soccer as a career. if you are talented and want to pursue the Beautiful Game as a vocation, then I hope, for your own sake that you are not a Canadian male.

Because Canada when it comes to soccer? Well, we suck.

Let me be perfectly clear that I’m not talking about the estrogen dominant species… Just those of us where testosterone gains the day.

Our women? They win the bronze medal at the Olympics. They should have had a chance at the gold if not for a ref who was either on the take or stupidly drunk.

Our men? They go into a game against that soccer powerhouse, Honduras, needing only a tie to advance to the next stage. Honduras is not Germany. Nor England, Portugal, nor fricking Serbia!

So what do our men do? Well, they lose by 7 goals! I saw better defending by some of the U12 teams I coached!

We should just call it a day and forget about going after any more World Cups. It isn’t worth the humiliation.


Christine Sinclair’s ludicrous ban…

…and fine is typical of the corrupt anachronism called FIFA! Like the IOC, it is a cabal of greed and very wealthy individuals who are interested in nothing else but seeing a great sport make as much money for them as possible… even if they have to degrade the Game to so.

Christine Sinclair is an amateur athlete who is the best in the world at her art. She should have been treated with more respect than this.

Wait till the boos rain down on the FIFA officials at the 2014 Women’s World Cup!

Does anyone know to whom I should fire off a cheque to help to offset some if the $3500 fine?


Henderson has scored for Canada!

Forty years since Henderson scored the winning goal in Moscow. Forty freaking years!

Yup. The whole school was in the gym watching the game on a teeny tiny black and white Electrohome perched on the stage.

The school buses arrived at the beginning of the third period so we had to leave. After getting off the bus, my brother and I sprinted the 300 yards or so to our house where our Dad, Mom and some family friends were watching the game… made it just a few minutes before that magical moment! I don’t think I ever jumped for joy the way that I did that afternoon when I was 9.


I’m a huge Jays fan…

… but what Escobar did was utterly despicable and unexpected.

But hey, these undereducated über gazillionairres are used to getting what they want and saying what they wish without consequence, aren’t they?



Definition of greed

….On both sides of the hockey dispute…
Here ya go! A picture is worth a thousand words.



What to do during the lockout…

Thanks to CBC sports for this…

See the bottom middle? That will be me.