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Toronto politics

Rob Ford – he needs the power to…

…deport Canadian citizens.


He does.


Even Kason Jenney, that bastion of intellectualism and its assorted institutions, does not agree.

When Kason is quoting Charter rights, ummmmm…..


Who’s a bigger idiot than Tim Thomas?

Rob Ford! That’s who!

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford came out swinging at left-leaning councillors Tuesday.

“These people are all two steps left of Joe Stalin,” Ford told AM 640 host John Oakley in a radio interview.

Ford specifically referred to Councillors Adam Vaughan, Gord Perks, Janet Davis, Paula Fletcher and Josh Matlow when making the comment.

The good Mayor should research what Josef Stalin did during his reign and honestly assess whether these Councillors are comparable.


This shows quite clearly…

… how childish and petty the “Mayor” of Toronto can be!

Mayor Ford has no obligation to speak to or be interviewed by the Star. That is entirely his choice. However, when it comes to public press releases and public notifications from his office as mayor of all the people, that is another matter. That directly affects our ability to cover city hall and serve our readers.

Indeed, the Ford freeze recently went a step further. The mayor’s staff was holding a briefing on arts funding and other members of the city hall press gallery were told about it privately. In this case, they were also specifically asked not to tell the Star about it. In other words, the mayor’s staff was trying to use other journalists to enforce its freeze. Thankfully, they did not go along.

What’s next? An attampted expropriation of the CBC HQ on Front Street?

Grow up, act like a Mayor of a major city and less like the petulant Mayor of some rural backwater!