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Harper’s politics of cynicism….

… and an empty shelf in the pantry where “ethics” used to be…

Wandering around the Interweb, I found this cutting piece that brilliantly sums up the CPC modus operandi as follows:

The Harper Government is a public relations oriented government. The machine seems to operate in the following manner; get the youngsters in the party to operate unethically, send their manufactured news tips to a media organization filled to the brim with ideological allies, then raise money from your base while pretending you had nothing to do with how the information was unearthed. The strategy would be brilliant if it was not so painfully and obviously orchestrated.

This is the culture of the Harper Government, a government on the verge of expiry, following in the footsteps of past government who drowned in their own sense of entitlement. What Trevor Stack and Alexandra Constandinidis may not realize is they are not helping their party long term. We still do not know if they acted independently or through the encouragement of the powerful ministers and MPs they work for directly, but in either case one thing remains clear: ethics in the Harper Government is in short order, and while these examples are undertaken by the kiddies in short pants working for what used to be public servants, the real first domino of dirty politics has long been the influence coming directly from 24 Sussex Drive.

For years on these pages I have called Harper’s style the “politics of cynicism”. I was wrong, or at least I am now. It’s not cynicism but a cold and well-calculated approach to gain votes strategically and without care for standards – moral or political.


The Cons are already lining up their hate campaign in Ottawa South…

…in advance of next year’s Federal election.

I was just cruising through Twitter and found this:


Looking through the followers of this anonymous account, there is a veritable who’s-who of the Ottawa conservative Twitter attack dawg crew.

Same ol’, same ol’….

David is and has been a very effective and responsive MP. And as the next year unfolds, you can be sure that I’ll be doing what I can to return him to the Hill for another term.


Upon hearing…

that the CPC Government has dropped its infamous “Kijiji Job Vacancy Index”, I almost choked on my orange…

Amazing how these guys think they can get away with nonsense like this and then retreats once their lunacy is exposed.

What’s next? Perhaps a Google Earth count of fish stocks? An Instagram assessment of the tourism trade? Using Angry Birds to estimate recreation time usage?



Haven’t posted two entries on the same day for a while.

… For quite a while.

But I had to say something to a wider audience than FB.

I am SICKENED by some of the comments I’m seeing on the news stories about Jim Flaherty’s sudden death.

Shit, peeps, really? This is just the depth that som conservatives sunk to when Layton died.

I’m as partisan as you can find, but…

A man died an early death. He leaves a loving family and friends behind. He was a dedicated public servant.

He deserves better.

Show some class. Jeez.


Jason Kenney, Tony Clement and…

… a number of other ReformCon Ministers and PMO staff are reportedly on their way to the site to get new material for the 2015 CPC election campaign.

Artifacts like these meets the criteria necessary to be considered as platform planks – material must be very old, fail the smell test and originate from Middle Ages feudalism.



He wasn’t perfect…

… but no one is.

Yet then PM Chrètien led by example back in 1993 when he came to power and significantly cut his Ministers’ budgets. 

Tired of the ballooning Ministerial budgets under Mulroney, he cut their Chiefs-of-staff and told them to rely more on the advice of public servants.

Not a bad move.

Would Harper do such a thing?




Horribly mixed up fonts aside…

Is this Ten Percenter surely a sign of the ReformCons knowing how they are oh-so-much screwed.


But yeah, how about those fonts?


Perhaps brilliant in the short term…

… but this may bite Justin’s butt after he is elected PM.

However, critics can no longer point to a lack of direction or policies… This is a doozy!

Good on him, this is the type of leadership many Canadians have been waiting for.


A street in downtown Montreal…

… tell me, dear internet wanderer…

Where does a community mailbox





Well, it’s plausible, I guess…

Harper’s staff have clipped this story for future use…

Date – April 11, 2014.

“Mr. Speaker, when I stood in this House last year, denying any knowledge of what transpired between Mr. Wright and Senator Duffy, I was hallucinating. The hallucinations began while I was speaking and that I tried not to panic because there were “Liberals around me.”  In fact, Mr. Speaker, and let me be clear, I hallucinated that angels were entering the House, riding on winged unicorns with faces that looked like that of the Honourable Leader of the Opposition.”

“What happened that day, I saw angels coming into the House from behind the curtains … I started realizing that the problem is here. And the problem, I don’t know how will it manifest itself. Sometimes I get violent. Sometimes I will see things chasing me.”

“I was in a very difficult position,” Mr. Speaker. “And remember that the other people in the House, the Leader of the Third Party and Elizabeth May, they were growing tails, and again, there were Liberals around me. If I started panicking I’d embarrass my party.”

“So, Mr. Speaker, now that I am on a new course of meds, I can finally come clean about my knowledge of the Duffy affair and tell Canadians that yes, I did authorise the payment from Mr. Wright to Mr. Duffy. I will hereby resign as Prime Minister and the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.”