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Canadian election

The Cons are already lining up their hate campaign in Ottawa South…

…in advance of next year’s Federal election.

I was just cruising through Twitter and found this:


Looking through the followers of this anonymous account, there is a veritable who’s-who of the Ottawa conservative Twitter attack dawg crew.

Same ol’, same ol’….

David is and has been a very effective and responsive MP. And as the next year unfolds, you can be sure that I’ll be doing what I can to return him to the Hill for another term.


Perhaps brilliant in the short term…

… but this may bite Justin’s butt after he is elected PM.

However, critics can no longer point to a lack of direction or policies… This is a doozy!

Good on him, this is the type of leadership many Canadians have been waiting for.


The issues for the 2015 election…

1) The various CPC scandals….

2) The issue that, if the Grits are smart, will win them a majority: stopping the phasing out of home mail delivery

No wonder Harper wanted the House to rise early.

Justin should send him a note of thanks for this ready-made election platform plank!


Con talking head is “disappointed” in our democratic process…


Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey called the decision disappointing.

“Fifty two thousand people in Etobicoke-Centre followed the rules, cast their ballots and today had their democratic decision thrown into doubt,” he said.

Well, no, Mr. DeLorey. Some of those 52,000 voters in the riding did NOT follow the rules and that is why the election results have been overturned. The judge’s ruling in this case is an intrinsic part of the democratic process.

Got a problem with that?

Bring on the by-election!!!!


By-election on the way!


Once legal appeals, in this case, at the SC level, are exhausted.

This election will provide a bit of an insight about whether or not the good folks in Etobicoke Centre have been paying attention to the goings-on of that 3 ring circus called the Harper government. And in turn this may provide an indicator about the feelings of Canadians on the broader scale (outside of Alberta, that is).


One year on…

One year ago today, a minority of Canadians elected a Harper majority government.

So, what have I learned?

  • I learned that growing pot is a worse crime than being a pedophile.
  • That it’s OK to force people to register a car, but an affront to democracy to do so for a gun.
  • That the government keeps two sets of books when it comes to reveling the true costs of expensive projects… like fighter jets, for example.
  • That OJ is a lot more expensive than I would have thought possible.
  • That Harper did NOT major in Canadian history.
  • That Vic Toews want to know everything about us!
  • That, thanks to omnibus legislation, Parliament has become impotent.
  • That conflict of interest rules don’t apply to Cabinet Ministers.
  • That planned cuts to seniors’ pensions are not worthy of mentioning during an election campaign.
  • Nor are cuts to health-care funding .
  • That environmental controls for energy projects aren’t really that important.
  • That continuing to spend millions on royal visits is an appropriate use of taxpayers dollars.
  • That environmental charities ‘launder’ foreign funds.
  • That it’s OK to diss your country, forsake your citizenship, but be welcomed back with open arms.
  • That the Grits better do something about selling themselves as a real alternative. And that does NOT mean elected Bob Rae as leader!
  • That Jack Layton was a special man.
  • Jason Kenney, Tony Clement, Vic Toews, Pierre Polievre, John Baird, Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper are not.
  • And possibly (jury still out) that election fraud is only election fraud if it implicates one of the other parties – and not the CPC.

What did I miss?


Harper is reading the paper this morning…

… and thinks: hmmmm,… “carousel voting”… hmmm…

Laureen! Get me Vlad on the phone!


It seems like the Cons were using Robocalls everywhere…

… except for one riding – Parry Sound/Muskoka – where they got their votes in the 2011 election the old-fashioned way.


They bought them.


Before and after…

This is a pretty cool animation showing the before and the (sigh) after pictures of the electoral colours of Canada after Election #41.

Kudos to



Suck it up. You asked for this.

Kinsella’s column in the Sun today pretty much sums up what I and other like-minded progressives have being saying since May 2.

You don’t like the fact that Harper thumbs his nose at Canadian voters in Newfoundland, Quebec who gave the boot to Smith, Manning and Verner? You don’t like what Clement is saying about program cuts after his boss emphatically stated during the election campaign that cuts to the PS would be achieved through attrition? Well:

You get what you pay for, folks. You get the government you vote for. Suck it up.

Gonna be a long four years. But, at the end of it, Harper will be gone and the Cons will be decimated. Canadians had a brain-fart this time. But they will have had a strong dose of antacid by the time 2015 rolls around.