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American politics


Praised by GOP Governor Christie.
Firm leadership.

Words written around this pic today.

First time a hurricane has propelled a President back into office, I reckon.


Yes, there are wackos on the left as well as the right, but…

… those on the right sure as hell seem to be coming out of the woodwork more often these days.

We in Canada have the pride of Saskatchewan, Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott who thinks that rewarding and praising women who are clearly part of the lunatic fringe and even more clearly, convicted criminal.

And meanwhile, in Illinois, batshit-crazy GOP Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock believes it is “God’s will” if a pregnancy results as a result of a rape!

Wow. That’s all I can say.



Women are hiding somewhere in there!

You just can’t see them.

But I bet that Mitt can!



The American Convention thing..,

…makes me wonder.

This whole “testamental” parade to the podium… not at all something we see very much of in The Great White… at least not to the über degree that we saw at the RNC or the DNC.

How would it look here?

What luminaries would extol the virtues of, say, Justin Trudeau? Stephen Harper?



Ah. My 8 year old has joined me in watching the DNC. And she’s asking intelligent questions. Yup. A chip off her mom and dad’s block.

Right now, a retired General is talking about the need for respect for vets.

Harper should listen to this stuff.


So Santorum wins…

… two Bible-belt states… and some folks are surprised? Really?

On the radio this morning, I hear him say to a crowd after the wins:

“The most common thing I have people saying to me is that “I am praying for you”.

…and the audience yells “Amen!”


And there are still some who are surprised that he wins states like Alabama and Mississippi?

Personally, I love it and wish him all the best (won’t be, uh, “praying” for him though :)). A Santorum nomination would ensure an Obabma victory this Fall… non-foaming-at-the-mouth-cross-waving-bible-thumping Republicans would stay at home in droves!

Go IN-SanItYorum, GO!




And go ahead and Google “Santorum”.

But don’t do it if you’re eating.



Newt and The Robot…

… would be most excellent BFFs if the former pulls off the near impossible and wins the GOP nomination AND defeats Obama.

I can just picture them walking in the rose garden together, complaining about lefty radicals, the evils of abortion and the scourge of free expression… then kneeling to pray to their god that all that be wiped off the map…

But naw, Romney is still going to go up against Obama. And lose to Obama.

I hope. Americans aren’t that dumb, are they? I know that Newt thinks Alberta is located in central Canada (I can hear the collective gnashing of teeth coming from the west…), but they wouldn’t actually ELECT this yahoo? Would they? I know a lot of smart Yanks! And they would never, ever… uh, what’s that? Oh. Oh yeah…





Matt Damon for the U.S. Prez?

WTF? Why not?

Some Americans think that this might be a way to go…

Mr. Damon has not expressed a desire to run for office, but he has become known for his political activism. During the 2008 presidential campaign, he endorsed Barack Obama and called Sarah Palin’s story “a bad Disney movie.”

Recently, the actor said he’s “disgusted” by the debt-ceiling debate that had consumed Washington and said he is willing to pay higher taxes.

“I’m so disgusted, man. It’s criminal that like, you know, so little is asked of people who are getting so much; I mean, I don’t mind paying more,” Mr. Damon said. He was in Washington with his mother, a teacher, to promote the Save Our Schools march.

“I’d rather pay for taxes than cut like Reading is Fundamental or Head Start or some of these programs that are really helping kids,” he said. Mr. Damon also criticized the Tea Party for being willing to drive the American economy “off a cliff.”



The so-called “bipartisan” agreement in the U.S…

… is only putting off the inevitable unless something more substantive can be done to alleviate the unfathomable levels of American debt. Americans are going to have to pay now – because the price to pay later will bring their proud nation to its knees.

Usually, The Onion is a work of satire. Usually. But after reading this entry this morning, I kind of have to think that the authors were being a little more than tongue-in-cheek…

Following Sunday’s pathetic excuse for an agreement on raising the government’s borrowing limit, Democrats and Republicans took time to celebrate the meager, ineffective deal, calling it “a testament to the not-so-great things that can happen in Washington when both parties barely come together and agree to not really accomplish anything.

American politics has become so damned polarised in the past decade that simply agreeing on the time of day can be considered an occasion worthy of celebration. The arrival of the radical Tea Party-ists has made the finding of any common ground between Republicans and Democrats next to impossible.

And this is really bad news for my American friends as this is a critical time in their history. In my very humble opinion, I think that not since their Civil War has there been a greater crisis. All levels of government and many households and businesses are barely treading water or are on life support.

My thoughts are in sync with those of Jeffrey Simpson when he wrote this:

Americans can blame foreigners if they want for some of these problems – currency manipulation by China, unfair trading practices, companies shipping jobs offshore – but they’re mostly responsible for their own problems. Systematically, Americans have refused to tax themselves at levels commensurate with their spending. The result of this collective irresponsibility has finally caught up with them.

They waged wars while cutting taxes, as in Iraq and Afghanistan under George W. Bush’s disastrous regime. They let the Pentagon budget explode, raised the costs of public health care (as in Mr. Bush’s unfunded drug plan for seniors), kept the cost of gasoline below that of any Western country, left the financial sector largely unregulated until its excesses brought the economy to its knees, and designed an immensely costly and, in many respects, quite foolish Homeland Security apparatus.

In the days when the King of the land decided to go to war, he sent out word to his Lords that they must help to fund the mission. The Lords, in turn, sent out tax collectors to the towns and countryside to get what they could in order to fund their Lord’s obligation to his monarch. Without these monies, the King could not run his wars nor keep the royal treasury stocked. Credit was non-existent save for some parts of the world where usury was an accepted practice.

No money. No way to pay for arms, arrow fodder and supplies. Ergo, no wars.

Flash ahead to today. Americans of all stripes must simply realise that in the absence of adequate personal and corporate tax levels they cannot wages wars – or live in a modern democratic country – without paying for a significant proportion of its operations.