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I know I’m not big on the current trend to glorify the military…

... but this is downright insulting! A final slap in the face!

A vet has to be under the income threshold of 12K per annum to qualify for financial assistance to offset costs of their final interment?



Meanwhile, Harper’s government spends $28 million to glorify the War of 1812! None of whose vets are alive today! Hell, they weren’t alive 100 years ago!

I guess dead soldiers don’t make for good photo-ops, eh Steve?



The Avro Arrow?

Could it be resurrected?

Well, the idea is being talked about.

But it’ll never “fly”.

LOL! I kill me!

So why not? Well, as I never got around to doing a doctorate in aerospace engineering, I cannot speak to the technical side of a 50-year-old concept repackaged for the 21st century. Who knows? Maybe it can be done.

But it will never get “off the ground” (HA!) because, well John Diefenbaker’s government axed the program. Dief was a Conservative. Harper is a Conservative. Resurrecting a project that was killed by a Conservative government would be admitting that a Conservative government had made a bad decision.

And Harper’s government will never, ever admit that they or any other Conservative government made a mistake. Never. It matters not that all the members of the long ago government are probably all dead and gone. All that matters is optics.

So, the Avro Arrow has crashed and burned even before getting clearance for take-off. Sorry to all you folks who are nostagic for this, but it ain’t gonna happen.


The Snowbirds…

… yeah, they’re kinda neat… but $755 million worth of “neat”? I dunno.

And we all know that the $755 million really means $1 billion++, right?

Isn’t it time to put circuses like these to bed for good… at least those being paid for from the public purse? I know that there are many who think that symbols are important… especially those connected to the military. I’m not one of those people, but I respect the views of those who do hold these points of view.

But at what cost? Is there a limit? One billion? Twenty billion?

What do you think?


I am a pacifist…

… I detest war and its machinery. I hate the glorification of war or the use of the military as a political tool.

I see no need for guns in modern society except for those carried by police. I like the idea of banning them altogether but know that this is not likely to happen in my lifetime.

So, you’d think that I would applaud the recent decision by Notre Dame High School in Ottawa to ban guns and tanks from their traditional Remembrance Day Symposium.

I do not.

For the past 19 years, students at an Ottawa high school have hoisted 10-pound military rifles to feel what it may be like to lug one around in the muddy trenches. They’ve met veterans and heard their stories, learning how their families were affected and what it was like to fight so far from home.

But this year — the year that was supposed to mark the 20th Remembrance Day Symposium at Notre Dame High School — they will get no such chance.

 The traditional school event, scheduled for Nov. 10, has been cancelled because of a school committee decision to ensure there were “no tanks or guns” at the event, its co-ordinator told participants in an email last Friday.

This is, in effect, introducing a revisionist view of history. By touching tanks, carrying rifles and the like, students were able to gain a keener and realistic interpretation of war and the machinery of conflict… and of the people who suffered through war for their nations – agree with the reasons or not.

During the day-long event, students would move from classroom to classroom, hear stories from veterans and historians and get to touch military uniforms and equipment. They often have many questions, he said, questions that can’t possibly be answered during a ceremony — which is still planned for Nov. 11 at Notre Dame High.

Mr. Mac Culloch (the teacher that organised the event) doesn’t think that’s good enough.

“Monuments are wonderful, remembrance ceremonies are helpful, but if that was all that we needed for an education, then a teacher could stand up at the front and describe how arithmetic works and leave it at that,” he said.

“If it’s not good enough for arithmetic, why is it good enough for remembrance?”

I detest war and its machinery. And that is why it is vital that our young must be exposed to its veterans and its machinery. It becomes more “real”. If we just leave remembrance to wreath laying ceremonies, the young will soon forget and we again run the risk of sending our children off to far away lands to suffer as those in the past suffered.

We must not forget…. so that someday war and its machinery become as extinct as the dodo. We simply must not…



A not-so-squishy post about a real waste of taxpayer $$$’s!

Back to ranting.

Check this out. In times where everyone in the Public Service is being asked to tighten their collective belts, the miliatry sees fit to give their slightly wacky ex-Grand Poobah a VERY expensive going away party!

$270 K to be exact! And $6,600 so his Holiness could track off into the sunset on a frickin’ tank!

Off into the sunset... and to get 20K per speaking engagement!

Off into the sunset... and to get 20K per speaking engagement!

Yeah, yeah – I can hear the military folks bleating (this is your cue, Squiddude) that this pomp and ceremony is an integral “part” of the military and is essential to maintain morale! But from my angle it seems that buying some new equipment for the soldiers may do even MORE for morale with the added benefit of helping them not get, uh, killed in that quagmire we like to call Afghanistan!

Gee, I wonder if Nortel threw a magnificent party for those thousand of folks that they laid off?