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Slowest app on my phone…

… by a mile…


Fix this. No app should take 1 minute plus to load!!!

Now back to your regular station.


Faking citizenship…

This so-called “government” is such an embarrassment and its media propaganda machine is a discredit to journalism.

Citizenship is something that can just can “faked” for the cameras, eh, Jason Kenney?

Six federal bureaucrats were drafted to pose as new Canadians for a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony broadcast on the Sun News network, an event requested by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s office.

The bureaucrats smiled and held Canadian flags as the TV hosts referred to a group of 10 people as “new Canadians” that had “finally” received their citizenship.

Documents released under Access to Information legislation show that just a few weeks before Canada’s Citizenship Week last October, Mr. Kenney’s staff directed departmental officials to add a last-minute citizenship ceremony at the network to their list of scheduled events.

Bureaucrats scrambled to work out the logistics, suggesting to the minister’s office that Sun News could cover one of the 13 scheduled ceremonies in Ontario – four of them in Toronto, including one at the Air Canada Centre.

One senior bureaucrat at the registrar of Canadian citizenship expressed concern to Mr. Kenney’s office that Sun News seemed to want to feature “only” the oath, which might short-change new Canadians from the full ceremony experience.

“We have to keep in mind that the ceremony should first and foremost be a special (sic) for the new citizen, most of whom will want family and friends (sic) attend this very special day in their lives,” the bureaucrat wrote.

When a bureaucrat sent Sun News a list of possible citizenship ceremonies to cover in Ontario, a network employee suggested another scenario.

Let’s do it. We can fake the Oath,” reads an email from a email address, the name blacked out of the document.

A Facebook friend puts it nicely:

Absolutely incredible… the disrespect and disdain for the meaning of Canadian citizenship, credible journalism, the independence of the bureaucracy and seperation of media from state control… this one is really too much and really shows the CPC hasn’t formed a government, its formed a propaganda machine with a majority of seats.

Sun News? Get out of the business! You are a shame to all honest media outlets! You are the Canadian version of Pravda! Cons complain about CBC bias but Sun Media is nothing but a propaganda machine – pure and simple.

Kenney? He should apologise! But we all know that the CPC folks NEVER apologise for anything… ever.


Another reason why I won’t subscribe to the Ottawa Citizen…

How is this news???? Tell me! Please!!!

Seriously? This is People Magazine stuff. Not journalism. Who cares who is dating whom?

Eyebrows were raised at the Gold Medal Plates culinary event in Ottawa on Monday when the prime minister’s former director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, showed up with a surprise date.

Soudas was accompanied by rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams, of Mississauga — Brampton South.

Apparently, the two began dating several weeks ago, well after they both separated from their respective


Gee Glen, what was she wearing? Was Dimitri beaming with joy?

What tripe!


SunNews DOES receive public funding…

… so Levant and the rest of those pseudo-journos should shut their hypocritical traps about the CBC.

Nice to see the MotherCorp fight back.

Get The Facts

October 19, 2011

What Quebecor won’t tell you about its attacks on the public broadcaster

For more than three years, Quebecor has been using its newspapers, and more recently, its SunNews Network TV license to pursue a campaign against CBC/Radio-Canada. But there are some things Quebecor won’t tell you:

Quebecor says we’re not accountable. They’re wrong.

Quebecor says we shouldn’t go to court to protect journalistic sources or program strategies. Why?


Gotta love those who read and comment in the T.O. Sun…

Be sure to not eat anything before reading this that you don’t want to see again in a few minutes.

I can’t believe that I’m of the same species as these scum.

Yeah, scum. pond scum. The scum you scrape off rotting deli meat. I’m talking about YOU!


An apt depiction of Rupert Murdoch

From a fine website called Think Progress.

I’d love to take the axe to that tentacle on the right!


Canada’s right – many are narrow minded and reactive hypocrites

I might have more to say about this later, but for now I just want to highlight the idiocy of some on the right of the spectrum here in Canada.

Yesterday, when the news broke about the tragedy in Norway, the response by many in the Twitterverse, blogosphere and in the comments sections of news articles was overwhelmingly vitriolic against Muslims.

“Send them back.” “This is what happens when you let those people into your country.” “Bomb them to hell.”

Crap. It was nasty.

And this judgement was made despite the fact that there was no evidence that an Islamic group was involved. None.

And the worst of the lot on Twitter were the usual right-wing morons who always like to spout hate. If you follow Twitter, you know who they are.

But this morning, where have all the anti-Islam Tweets gone?

Now that details are leaking out, it looks like the Oslo terror may have been the work of a Christian fundamentalist or someone on the far right.

So now I assume we’ll see lotsa anti-Christian Tweets, right?

Didn’t think so.

Bloody narrow minded hypocrites.


Now don’t slam me for saying this!

The Heritage robot, James Moore, has said that the CBC isn’t immune to Strategic and Operating Review cuts – and this has the Twittersphere et al squawking mightily.

While I do strongly support the MotherCorp, I don’t see any reason why it should be immune from the same review that my and all government Departments are going through right now. The Harperites are going to put everyone through mucho pain as they fight the deficit that they created on the back of the Public Service… just like Paul Martin did.

I do fear, however, that these cuts to the CBC will be the thin edge of the wedge. The Cons have no love for Canada’s public broadcaster and if they see a opportunity to slash and burn something that in their small minds is a socialist mouthpiece, they will do so.  Though, after Mansbridge’s lob-ball “interview” with Our Dear Leader during the last election, I have no idea why they still think the CBC is full of pinkos!

But still,  should the Corp be exempt from any cuts? No way.



The CBC license approval has been delayed by the CRTC.

My spin, for what it’s worth: this gives the Cons some time to spin the benefits of privatizing / gutting the MotherCorp. Mark my words.


I might give up on CBC Radio… it’s going to the dogs…

… or at least Ottawa Morning. The banal banter is becoming too much to take at 5:30ish.

And you know what has been bugging me most of all lately? Each day, The topic du jour seems to have something to do with pets…dogs in particular.

Alert! If you a “dog-lover”, then this is fair warning that you will not like anything that I write from this point onward!

Anyone who knows me at all will know that I’m not really a pet-lover, in general, and am especially not fond of dogs. I have a thousand reasons why and I’m not going to go into it here. Trying to explain my feelings about dogs to dog lovers is akin to explaining my feelings about Catholicism to a believer. It is just a frustrating experience for all involved.


So the folks on CBC have been going on and on over the past several months about how super-duper it is to be a dog owner. What kind of training is best. Advice on how to choose a dog from the pound. There was even much fawning over someone who owns a spa for canines. Yes. A spa. Guess P. T. Barnum was dead on, eh?

But one thing that irks me most about dogs are not the critters themselves, but their owners. Yeah, the dogs smell like hell, leave their excrement hither and yon, deposit their hair wherever they please, cost a fortune in vet bills, track mud into the house, slobber, try to get up close and personal with any human leg they can find, cause my allergies to flare up and face it – most of them are as dumb as a post.

But the owners? Especially those who think that everyone in the world loves their beast as much as they do? Well, they take the proverbial gateau!

Case in point. I’m walking to my bus stop yesterday when dude with dog approaches me on the sidewalk. As they approach said dog starts doing the hokey-pokey as if it’s glad to see me.  We meet and the guy and his dog actually stop as if I am supposed to bend down and pet the damned thing.

Of course, I just keep walking. And from behind me I hear this “Harummph! Well, I still love you Pooky” (or some equally inane name). The guy was really put out that I didn’t stop, scratch the flea-bitten beast behind its ears while uttering inanities like “oooo.. aren’t you the cute one…”


Look. I get that some otherwise normal peeps dig dogs. And some dogs are really useful – like guide dogs, canine cops and farm dogs.  They are also a source of comfort for the ill, the elderly and those with mental illness. I’m not dissing the whole species and I most certainly would never ever harm one of the slobbering, sniffing fools.

But if you see me on the street, and you’re walking you pet, don’t expect me to pet it.

And Ottawa Morning? Stop the fluffy chatter about dogs! You’re turning this listener off! And you’re starting to sound like these kooks!

Gimme people any day. Even conservatives. At least they don’t pant and drool and sometimes have something to contribute to society…

Well, most of them… but…. not all of them…