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The death of a newspaper

I have never been the biggest fan of the Ottawa Citizen. Ever. Preaching, self-righteous columnists like David Warren turned me off the paper years ago. Their coverage is usually biased, overtly partisan and sometimes poorly written.

However. And it is a big “however”. Those are my opinions, and I am entitled to them. Others think differently and that is how it should be. A healthy democracy needs all opinions to be aired and discussed. Newspapers have traditionally performed that function and usually very well.

That is why losing another newspaper like the Ottawa Citizen is a tragedy. With each passing of an Ottawa Citizen or a Sun or any other paper, a little bit of our democracy is eroded.

There are some talented people named in the Tweet below. I have had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Chianello on a couple of occasions and she and her work is top-shelf. Same goes for Andrew Potter. They are both talented individuals who will land safely somewhere. And I wish them the best.


Maybe it is time for another one of these?

Why is this happening? Like Warren Kinsella, I am not buying all of the B.S. excuses that Godfrey et al are spewing.

What does it mean? Well, it means Paul Godfrey doesn’t give a sweet shit about Canadian journalism, for starters. That much should be clear to everyone, by now. All that he cares about, seems, is fattening the accounts of U.S. hedge funds, and giving himself big bonuses as amazing people like the ones above are shown the door. –


Sun TV News is dead?

Dead? Really dead?

Will Ezra have to go back to being a cashier at a 7-11 in Laval? That reallly is the extent of his c.v., no?

Sun News is about to sign off, permanently. CBC News has learned that the cable news television channel will shut down early tomorrow.

The network began broadcasting in 2011, launching a right-of-centre programming schedule.

It has had a constant challenge attracting viewers. (my note – because it SUCKED AT DOING ITS JOB!)

Its supporters blamed the CRTC for not giving it the same access enjoyed by news channels operated by CBC and CTV.

Film at 11. Complete with heavy whining.



If Peter Mansbridge or Jian Ghomeshi…

… were rabid cheerleader against the oil sands or any other conservative darling, you can bet that there asses would be on the line!

But Rex Murphy can exult in the virtues of the massive western projects all he wants and with impertinence without fear of reprisal.

He can take money from the oil sand players for speaker fees and then go on public airways denouncing those who stand in the way of his version of “renewing Confederation”.

I am not completely anti-oil-sands. I think they could and should be managed better and that First nation rights should be respected. But Rex has stepped over the line. He really has become a better-dressed version of that other CBC buffoon (you know who I mean). He can also use and understand words with greater than two syllables.

CBC – give Rex his walking papers. And while you’re at it, make it a double.


Maybe I’m wrong, and there really IS a God!

At least, this news is tantamount to divine intervention in my books!!!

Fox News North does NOT have to be offered on basic cable… a victory for those Canadians everywhere with IQs higher than the length of Pierre Polievre’s nose, in centimetres.


Network television, and remembering…

… why I gave it up in the first place.

I made a conscious decision quite a few years back to shun network TV. The interminable and juvenile ads bugged me and there really wasn’t anything on that grabbed my interest anyways. I’m not BIG TV watcher so am picky about what I glue my eyes to for an hour or more.

It’s not that I think that all TV programming totally sucks. There has been and is some good entertainment to be found on the box. Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Lost, The X Files and St. Elsewhere were all quality network shows. And “cable” TV did even better with The Sopranos, Rome and currently A Game of Thrones.

So, when my wife suggested to me last h=night that I watch the new Kevin Bacon flick, The Following, I was more than a bit leery.  Was this going to be an incredible waste of an hour? But, having been a bit of a Kevin Bacon fan (LOVED him in Tremors and Apollo 13) through the years, I gave it a go. And you know what? It is a pretty good show. I may watch it again. But here is what I observed after having been away from the world of Global, CTV, CBS, etc. for a while:

  • More gore. Lots more. The Sopranos was a very violent show – no doubt – but the gore level on The Followers would have made Tony dry heave. This is a significant change from the network TV I remember.
  • The ads are even more annoying than ever. Seriously. And there are more of them. They are shorter in length but in greater numbers.
  • Our own government is responsible for some of these ads. Once again, can someone PLEASE explain to me why the Harperites are still spending taxpayer dollars shilling the Economic Action Plan? Wasteful and annoying all at once…
  • Camera work has improved and the quality of the video is better – as the audio. But maybe I’m noticing that just because I now have a kick-ass TV!

You certainly won’t be seeing my TV time scream up to the Canadian national average (28.5 hours per week) – mostly due to the ads – but you might see me give a show that has given good reviews more of a chance I would have a week ago.


In breaking news…

… someone I couldn’t care less about is having a baby…

In other breaking news, the world is ending in a few weeks.

You choose which of these is more irrelevant.


From the Twitterverse…

Best Tweet of the day:

joebyer 6:13pm via Flipboard

Expecting Fox to report on the death of “cyclist Neil Armstrong” any minute now.
Retweeted by LadySnarksalot


Tony, Tony, Tony…

…. you should know better than to get into a Twitter mud-slinging match just because Ezra thinks it’s a good idea to bash former newspaper editors!

I thought you were a tad better than that! I mean, I’m not exactly your “fan” (though hey, I’ll be in your riding this weekend so wouldn’t decline a chat. Maybe you could win me over!), but I didn’t think you’d plunk yourself smack into the EzraZone!

Oh, yeah – for you other readers who are not named Tony Clement, you might have missed this. You know that unparalleled purveyor of windbag wisdom, Ezra Levant? Well, he huffed and puffed about former G & M editor Stephen Wicary following his wife (who works for Care Canada) to (urk!) CUBA! The noive! And to be with his wife! To Ezra this was PROOF that the G & M is indeed nothing more than a commie rag!

In the meantime, there was an article in the Globe referring to the celebration of Norman Bethune – Gravenhurst, Ontario’s fave son

The man Tony Clement will celebrate on Wednesday was a restless surgeon, a rowdy womanizer, a stubborn renegade and a passionate communist.

Norman Bethune, who died while tending Mao Zedong’s troops in 1939, is an unlikely Conservative hero. But Bethune’s ideological impurity is offset by his value to Ottawa’s strategy in China – where the colourful Canadian expatriate is a national hero, memorialized by Mao himself for his “spirit of absolute selflessness.”

So, Tweeting a link to his (now former) paper’s take on the issue, Wicary included a pointed comment to SunTV host Ezra Levant, who devoted two separate segments of his nightly television show last week to his — Wicary’s, that is — travel plans.


Conservatives can be comfortable that there’s a message here broader than just his communism,’ @TonyclementCPC says.

Stephen Wicary


So yes, @ezralevant, do let me know when the two-part hit job on that dirty red @TonyclementCPC goes to air:

Stephen Wicary


“that dirty red @TonyclementCPC” – snicker…

This is where you got involved, Tony. And you really should have kept your BB in its pouch. Really.

As Kady O’Malley notes:

Given the sensitivity of the issues involved, one might think the minister might have chosen not to see that particular tweet, lest he be trapped into debating the parallels between his celebration of Bethune and the criticism of, and reason behind Wicary’s Cuban relocation plan. 

One would, however, have been wrong.


@wicary @ezralevant My point was to celebrate things other than his communism. You chose to live in a communist country. Big difference.

Tony Clement


@TonyclementCPC Joining the pile-on ill befits a minister of the crown.

Stephen Wicary


@wicary Then stop baiting the bear.

Tony Clement


And it went back and forth like this for a while before others in the Twitterverse chimed in.

So what are you saying, Mr. Minister? Am I and the tens of thousands of Canadians who travel to Cuba for work or pleasure being bad little Canucks? Is there a diff between Chinese Communism and Castro’s version? Is China’s less evil? Is there a GDP line in the sand?

I need some clarity here, sir.

And if you do care to explain, I’ll be at the Parry Sound town beach on Saturday. Meet you at 2 pm by the swings on top of the hill.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer and keep your BB holstered.



Ottawa radio rankings…

This is interesting. At least I think so… and nice to see that some Ottawans are coming to their senses and tuning out the blathering by the CPC wingnut supporters on CFRA!

My own listening habits revolve mostly around CBC Radio with some CHEZ 106 and Live 88.5. Maybe BOB FM from time to time.

And I am always arguing with my 8-year-old who is more of a Hot 89.9 fan… but I usually win… hey! My car, my radio station!

Rank Station spring 2012 fall 2011 spring 2011 fall 2010 spring 2010
1 CBO CBC Radio 1 21.8 20.5 17.7 19.9 17.2
2 CIHT Hot 89.9 10.4 9.4 13.3 11.5 11.7
3 CFRA CFRA 7.3 10.6 11.2 12.4 11.6
4 CHEZ CHEZ 106 7 6.2 5.1 5.9 7.2
5 CKBY Y101 5.9 5.4 4.3 4.1 4.5
6 CBOQ CBC Radio 2 5.9 4.7 3.9 4.3 3.4
7 CJMJ Majic 100 5.4 7 7.3 7.3 8.2
8 CILV Live 88.5 4.7 4.2 4.2 3.4 3
9 CJWL The Jewel 4.2 3.2 3.6 3.3 4.5
10 CISS KISS FM 3.7 4.9 4.8 3.8 3.8
11 CKQB The Bear 3.5 3.5 4 4.3 5
12 CKKL BOB FM 3 3.7 4.2 5.2 4
13 CFGO Team 1200 2.8 2.2 3 2.7 3.6
14 CJOT boom 99.7 1.9 1.5 1.8 1 n/a
15 CBOX Espace Musique 1.4 1.1 1 0.6 0.9
16 CIDG DAWG FM 1 1.3 1.2 1.8 n/a
17 CIWW 1310News 1 0.9 0.9 0.6 1.9
18 CBOF Radio-Canada 0.7 0.5 0.6 0.4 0.6
19 CIMF Rock-Détente 0.6 0.6 0.4 0.8 0.7
20 CKTF Energie 104.1 0.3 0.3 0.5 0.3 0.1
21 CHLX Planete 97,1 0.3 0.1 0.2 0.5 1
22 CKOF CKOI 104,7 0 0 0.2 0 0.1
23 CFTX Capitale Rock 0 0 0.2 0 0


I have but one question…

… will the self-righteous, egotistic, fact-distorting, religiosity-spewing, gay-hating, liberal-bashing, blowhard, CPC toady – aka David Warren – lose his job?

If so, I will happily re-subscribe to the 6 day per week edition.