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This would be funnier…

… if I couldn’t imagine it actually happening…


Thinking about this…

…would make a social conservative’s head explode!



Random question…

Why do some teenage boys wear ball caps with the stickers still on the brim?

Anyone? Is it a gang thing?

Just wondering…


Cons – in the black helicopter biz since 1951….

Funny cartoon…



A Rapture would have been just dandy for some…

Non Sequitur rox.

And I have to wonder if there weren’t more than a few soft-minded folks out there who were hoping that the dire prediction would be borne true for precisely reasons such as this! There are lots of people going through some hard times in the U S of A right now and desperation breeds soft-mindedness.


If I had a billion dollars…

I’d build stuff to get me votes…


We are all very, very sorry


But can he come up with a rhyme for “ReformCon”?

Dwight KNOWS Canada!


As if the PM didn’t get out enough of his aggression in Afghanistan, he does THIS!

Yeah, so I have scribbled a lot of bad things about our current PM.  I happen to think that he is a cynical, plotting bully who throws a hissy fit if things don’t go his way.

But an international bully? I didn’t think it was possible.

Yet, according to the Niono news source, our own Prime Minster has been a key part of a greater effort by the G-8 to goad Lichtenstein and Andorra into going to war with one another!

This, of course, is completely reprehensible! Why aren’t they covering this on The National?


The G8’s proposal, which seeks to pit the small, landlocked principalities against each other in military combat, was reportedly drafted after the leaders of the eight nations had grown bored with their recent negotiations over international energy tariffs.

“After much careful deliberation, we have come to the consensus that the nations of Liechtenstein and Andorra need to just man up and fight, ” said U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown during an afternoon recess. “All of the bigger countries want them to, and everyone agrees at this point that it would be quite lame if they didn’t. Therefore, I would advise Liechtenstein and Andorra to grow some balls already and get on with it.”

“This is going to be so hilarious,” said President Barack Obama, who plans to take time away from health care negotiations to oversee the distribution of heavily armored mobilized units to the citizens of Liechtenstein and Andorra. “Once they get into it, they’re going to go nuts. They’re just going to totally go off on each other.”

“I cannot wait,” he added.

In a final effort to ensure that the proposed confrontation between Liechtenstein and Andorra commenced tomorrow afternoon “without a hitch,” Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper held a press conference intended to persuade the two countries.

“Fucking just fight already!” Harper said. “Fight! Fiiiight! Fiiiiiiight!”


OK. I got most of that from The Onion… just bored with posting serious end of the world stuff like the flu, killer robots and wars…


It’s Girl Guide cookie time!