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The triumph of reason and science – a close-up look at Pluto!



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¬†Calvin and Hobbes…



Had to post this…

… too funny.

Seems there is a teacher’s strike going on in Chicago.

And it is getting nasty.

Civility has disappeared in Chicago Teachers Union protests,” says Daniel Strauss, who snapped the pic.


Make fun of the mayor’s mother, declare him worse than Hitler, plant evidence that he’s having an extramarital affair. But calling him a Nickelback fan? Unacceptable.

Too far. Way too far.


LOL! There not spellin it write!

And the fact that this moron is a Yankee fan makes it even funnier!


So THIS is what is happening to our pennies…

Mr. Flaherty is investing in “art”!

Gotta love The Walrus!


Do YOU have pesky scientists…

… who want to derail your dogmatic agenda with icky data, facts and findings????

Mercer does it again!


Angry Cons…

I know my buds Greg, Mike & Terry will think this is clever… or at least original… right guys?



Newt Harper…


Santa and a Venn diagram…


From the Stephen Harper Colouring Book…