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So an accused paedophile is dead – big whoop

WARNING: For readers who are rabid – or even non-rabid – fans of overrated, freaky, has-been pop stars who are accused paedophiles, you should stop reading cuz you will be very offended by what follows.

OK. You have been warned.

I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson. Didn’t like his music. Thought that he was creepy beyond belief. Figgered that he was as much an invention of the media as anything else.

And, if there would even be one crime where I would support the use of capital punishment, it is paedophilia or any other kind of serious child abuse… of which Jackson was accused of on a couple of occasions. Only his money saved him from public humiliation and jail time.

I do not look forward to the next few weeks as there will, of course, be platitudes by the ton, weepy fans on camera and public expressions of grief from all corners of the world. I am reminded of the ridiculous events after the deaths of Princess Diana and Elvis. With the possible exception of Jackson, these were just human beings, people! Get over it!

What about the children who, each and every day and around the world, are suffering from disease or abuse? What about the countless deaths caused by the various forms of that horrific scourge, cancer? What about that poor girl who was hit by a truck just down the street from me and is now fighting for her life?

None of the above receives the attention of this so-called “king of pop” but they certainly do merit it just as much. Says a lot about the priorities in our culture, eh?

I think I’ll keep the radio and TV turned off for the next little while to avoid the silliness that is sure to come.


Another thing that I am wondering about…

Helluva movie, that Slumdog Millionaire… great plot, the cinematography was cool and damned good acting – especially those cute kids.  Man, they must have it made, right?


From the Globe and Mail:

The shanty home of another Slumdog Millionaire child star was torn down by Mumbai authorities Wednesday as they demolished part of a city slum where she lived.

Munni Qureshi – the stepmother of nine-year-old Rubina Ali, who portrayed a young Latika, the Oscar-winning film’s heroine – said her husband was beaten by police who were supervising the demolition. She said he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars and brought in more than $326-million (U.S.), but it has done little so far to improve the lives of the film’s two impoverished child stars, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Rubina.

Last week, bulldozers demolished Azhar’s home in a similar cleanup drive in a different part of the same slum. By Wednesday temporary homes had already sprung up in the area.

As Tim the Tool Man Taylor used to say, hunhhhh?

This movie has grossed more than $326-million and these kids are still living in huts? What kind of deal did the producers of this film cut with the parents of these kids? Free candy for a year? A new pair of flip-flops?

Is no one else wondering about this? Where are screams about the injustice of it all? Man, you’d think that at least those self-righteous Europeans would be up in arms about this!



Raindrops keep falling on my head…

Ever felt down? Down like your life is pretty much the biggest downer since Old Yeller got the lead put between his eyes? Like your theme song would be too depressing for The Smiths?

Well, thanks to my eldest and most heavily pierced subunit, I now have a place to go to make even my stinkiest days seem a little bit less stinky. Check out this site.

Called FMyLife, it’s kinda like Twitter but the posts have to point out the horriblenesss, pointlessness and worthlessness of the author’s life.

Here’s a taste:

Today, I woke up really early before my mom so I could make pancakes for mother’s day. I placed everything on a tray and even picked a flower, had a card for her and took it to her bedroom. She said “You shouldn’t have, pancakes are fattening.” She took one bite and fed the rest to the dogs. FML

FML standing for F*** my life.

So, if you are ever having a bad day, take a troll through one of these ditties… or better yet, you can sign up and tell the world just how f***ed your life is on that particular day!

Today, I went to the pet store to get mice for my mom’s snakes. While checking out, the guy working behind the register asked what kind of snakes I had. I told him they were my mom’s and he proceeded to tell me about this crazy woman that talks to her snakes. That’s my mom. FML



Arsenal- ah.

Wow! There is a proposal on the table to buy a loser franchise (in terms of revenue and the locals not giving a shit) and relocate it to the Mecca of the hockey universe:  Southern Ontario.

Go Jim Go!!!!!

Although you are a multi millionaire innovative and visionary innovator and I’m but a lowly servant of the Canadian public, I admire your moxy!

Ya wanna build the brand – stay where you’re loved.

Gary Bettman is on crack.

Of course, I’m  overlypissed cuz the Gunners were destroyed by United today… so take my opinions with a big cube of salt.


A departure from the norm…

Here is a HNIC theme entry that caught my attention… only in Canada would you have bloggers pushin’ theme songs for Saturday night hockey!

I LOVE this country!


Mikael Silvestre joins Arsenal!

Another fine signing by Arsenal.

Good to see that Ms. Silvestre is showing the good taste of moving from a sinking ship to a proud side like the Gunners.

There have actually been quite a few ex-Manure Utd. players who have switched sides.


Arsenal returns for real on Wednesday!

A Cesc Fabregas who is not 100% is still better than 95% of players in world at full power.

The Gunners’ 2008 campaign kicks off in earnest on Wednesday as they go up against former English coach’s Steve McLaren’s side FC Twente in the Champions League qualifier.

Looking forward to the season. After what Arsene and the boyz did last year, with some very low expectations, I see at least one set of silverware in the future.

Hate the Reds almost as much as I hate the Sens.

Go Gunners!


Paranoia reigns supreme… but….

Seems the media, police and lotsa other concerned folks are all a-tither about a bomb scare that occurred last week when a suspicious looking package was found under a bridge near the Hurdman Transitway Station.

Seems a participant in a modern day version of the old scavenger hunt called “Geocaching” hid the package there as part of this hobby. It was seen, reported to the police, the robot bomb-disposal thing was used, it was blown up and, of course, the police are all a-tither cuz their officers were put at potential risk, it cost $$$’s, blah-blah-blah.

While I am not one to advocate paranoia even in this Age of Paranoia, the person who hid this box in this location should have used a bit more common sense. Given these times when a forgotten backpack on a park bench can trigger a full-force armed response (and with robots too!), we all have to be careful about how we carry out activities like these. I’m not saying that cities should regulate these activities or the cops should be in on every single “cached” item, but this hobby – that is fairly well-organized – will have to do a better job a self-policing if they want to avoid a Nanny-state response.

Finally, I was reading one of the comments made on this story on the site by someone who called this a child’s game and I can honestly say that while its roots may be in a children’s game of treasure / scavenger hunting, this activity is way more sophisticated and legitimate.

If we as a society are to brand these things in such a way (i.e., as kid’s games that sensible grown-ups should not be party to) and assign blame and cost when things go wrong, then all games and activities that could potentially result in a draw on the public purse should be treated in the same manner.

Does the hockey player who takes a puck in the face have to pay for his hospital care? Does the lawn bowler who has a heart attack have to pay for paramedics? Does a jockey who gets thrown from his horse pay for any of these things? Of course not – at least not in civilised countries that have public health care.

Bottom line geocachers – educate and police your players better or you’re going to have a heap of issues to deal with in this Age of Paranoia.


Hockey Night in Canada theme

Here’s a good candidate for CBC’s HNIC theme contest.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1407548&w=425&h=350&fv=wid%3D293%26amp%3Bmid%3D271286]


The song that leads the HNIC contest.. and other stuff

Been a couple of weeks since I have been able to sit before mon clavier and hammer out a few semi-meaningful words. Yours truly has been off work with the munchkins for a couple of weeks and, to put it generously, I just haven’t found the time to do any blogging.

My weeks with the kids have been all at once exhausting and wonderful. I have learned more about my youngest progeny and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing both of them thrive, play and laugh. I do wish I would have been able to spend not just weeks, but months with them. I did so with my eldest and I do believe it had a lasting impression on both of us; tho’ it is tough to see that reflected in her 15 year old mindset.

Well, it is back to the world of work on Wednesday and while I do love my career – it is fulfilling, challenging and within a positive environment – I love my kids more and will no doubt feel some pangs that morning.

Elsewhere in my thoughts have lingered that continuing foul taste of the current government and its dogged pursuit of perfection in the art of cynicism. In talking about Omar Khadr
and the likelihood of the Canadian government getting him out of Gitmo and back home to serve out what ever penalty the American kangaroo court imposes, Stevie called upon the ghosts of Liberals past. In defending his position that there is little option but to go along with the American judicial “process”, Harper said:

“The previous [Liberal] government took a whole range… all of the information into account when they made the decision on how to proceed with the Khadr case several years ago.”

Huh? Whenever the Steveroni invokes the “L” word it is to draw attention to them in a negative way. Now he is referring to that government as a brother-in-arms to support there own stance? Once again, please observe the Master of the Politics of Cynicism!

A not-so-funny detail about Mr. Kadr is that the American captors, in order to “soften him up” for interrogations, would wake him every three hours and move him to different cell; thus depriving him of continuous sleep. Haven’t those Yanks heard of the Geneva Convention? But is it truly torture? The parents of most infants will tell you that 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is more often than not, as good as it gets!

I’m just kidding. Of course it is torture. The stuff they did to Mr. Kadr. Not the baby stuff.

On a brighter note that is not related to torture (hmmmm….), my baby sister got hitched on the 29th in my home town of Parry Sound. I pretended to be the Emcee for the occasion and managed to not screw things up too badly. My sis was beautiful, the rain held off and I gained a brother-in-law. Tim is a helluva standup guy and Kate had better treat him well. Tim’s uncle, and fellow blogger, Vic did the video for the day and you can see the trailer here.

One last thing. Remember the kerfuffle about the Mothercorp losing the HNIC theme? Remember they were going to hold a contest to come up with a new one? Well, here is my vote as it completely symbolizes what hockey “means”! Ya just gotta love this screwed-up country sometimes!