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I can’t tell which is which…

… as much as I try.



I think I’ve asked dawg peeps this before…

… but again, why do some of you do this?


and this:


These dawg peeps went to the trouble of picking up the poop, bagging it, and then they just leave it behind?

I don’t get it. Can someone explain?


Separated at birth?

King Richard III and Lord Farquaad?

You be the judge.




Monkey madness…

…has a cost attached.

So that story about the so-called Ikea Monkey just won’t disappear. The mainstream media continues to treat it with the same level of gravity as wars, weather events and the world economy.


But what about the public money that is being thrown at this monkey within the justice system to determine if the primate should be returned to the original owner? Surely this is not trivial!

Just give the damn thing back to the owner, quit wasting my tax dollars and then MAYBE, we won’t have to hear about this anymore!


Canada’s number one buffoon…

… is angling for a Senate seat, it appears.

Although I don’t think he has the intelligence to engage in such strategic thinking.

Regardless of whether his views are on or off-base, he-of-no-taste should stick to hockey and should shut up about the country’s foreign aid policies. He knows next to nothing about this issue.

Hey! Doofus! Do what I do when I don’t know squat about something – keep your trap firmly shut!

The CBC keeping this idiot on the payroll is a national embarrassment.


My kid…

… she won a frsoty.


Is this what John Denver was referring to?

… in his song “Country Roads”?

Country Roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

Is “mountain momma” a metaphor for a goat?

Note to self – don’t dress as a goat if visiting West Virginia…




Why are we talking about elephants on The Agenda? Elephant-gate? Really?


Looks like the freak has been busted…

… in Germany.

Hope this is true.



This could have been….