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Marty Carr for OCDSB Trustee, Alta Vista/Rideau-Rockliffe

Sadly, School Board elections are always under-covered by the media and undervalued by the voters; hence the voter turnout rates that seldom top 35%.

This is unfortunate as Trustees perform very important and necessary functions as advocates for our children within the education system and as conduits between the parents and parent Councils and the Board of Trustees as well as the bureaucracy that runs the organisation.

I have never been impressed with the representation we have had in my Zone; be it the incumbent or the previous Trustee. I did run, unsuccessfully, against the incumbent’s predecessor in the 2012. And I did consider running in this election against the incumbent. But I didn’t. Why? Well, for a number of reasons, but a main one being that after some reflection, I felt that Marty had a better chance of unseating the incumbent than did I. And if seeking better representation at the Board table for Alta Vista/Rideau Rockcliffe schools, students and parents is what I wanted (it was) then I had to put my own ambitions aside and support Marty.

She has been engaged in her community through her yeoman`s work on the Alta Vista PS Parent Council and serves on the Alta Vista Community Association. This engagement gives her the street cred that is required for any elected official. She is energetic, personable and knowledgeable about both the broader and narrower issues around education.

Having served on the Pleasant Park PS Parent Council in various capacities for the past decade, I can say with certainty that Trustee Carr will be a welcome change!


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