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July, 2018:

Last day with the CCA

So after 8 years on the Board and 4 as President, today is my last day with the Canterbury Community Association.

It has been a good ride and I’ll look back at my time there with positive thoughts and smiles. Yes, as with any undertaking like this, there have been ups and downs, but in the end I firmly believe I have helped to guide the CCA toward positive outcomes.

Volunteer burden is lower because most of our registrations are on-line now and no need for long lineups and hundreds of volunteer hours.

We have a modern website that is easy for paid staff and volunteer Board members to modify and add things too. And it is well-visited.

We have a Canada Day celebration that I certainly hope will continue well into the future.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our current VP, the CCA after school program has hosted Pink Shirt Day for the past several years – an important initiative to educate young people about the effects of bullying.

There’s a social media presence now. We have actively promoted our events and activities through Facebook and Twitter and it has grown our customer base.

There’s an electronic Newsletter!

The CCA has continued to be a leader with the other Alta Vista Community Associations. We have led electoral campaign debates, open houses on a school accommodation review, the opioid crisis, and community planning activities and groups such as the Alta Vista Planning Group. And I’m sure I’m forgetting things.

We have worked with the City on the new Jim Tubman SENS rink. It was a hit in the community last winter and will continue to be so for years to come.

Our finances are rock solid under the watch of our Treasurer and our Board.

I like to think that the CCA is a better place than when I first joined it about 8 years back.

Where the CCA goes from here is up to others to decide. I do hope that it continues to be a leader in our community and stays relevant, modern and responsive to the needs of the community that I do dearly love.

What about me? How am I going to fill my time? For one, I need a bit of a break. At least a month or two. And I’ve signed on as the Pee Wee convener at the Canterbury Hockey Association. I’m told I’ll be yelled at.

I’ll be ramping up the planning of the Pleasant Park PS 60th anniversary celebrations next year. And I’m sure I’ll find another Board or Committee to join.

Thanks to the Board members past and present. Some of you may not always have agreed with me, nor I with you, but I like to think we all worked for the betterment of the community.

Thanks to the paid staff. Top notch all the way.

Thanks to Councillor Cloutier and his staff – they’ve been a pleasure to work with and are a credit to Alta Vista.

Thanks to my fellow CA Presidents. It has been great collaborating with you.

And thanks to my family for putting up with my frequent absences.

Now, get ut there and volunteer for something! It’ll grow on you!