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Goodbye yellow brick road. Hello Mordor.

Very soon, a racist, classless and misogynist piece of trash moves into to the White House.

Be above this swamp rat, American friends. You are better than him and his sputtering jackals. Most of you are fine people.

Fight and obstruct everything he and the GOP for the full four years, just like the GOP and their gun-totin’ cohorts did to the policies of a fine and honourable President for 8 years. Liberals must not allow the destruction and division of America.

I wish you all bonne chance for the next four years. You are going to need it.



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  1. CuJoYYC says:

    “… he and the GOP for the full four years …”
    Let’s cease calling the Republicans the GOP. Let’s stick with OP as there’s nothing grand about them and that’s been the case for a very long time.

    FTR I predict Trump will quit within the first year. He’ll claim he goes out a winner, prior to impending impeachment proceedings brought about by THE REPUBLICANS once the useful idiot has served his purpose. Then the world will be in further danger with the ever malleable, even more extreme, fundamentalist, LGBTQ-hating, prosperity-gospel adhering, pseudo-Christian in Mike Pence.

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