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For those Canadians who think that the election of Trump is of no matter to us…

… wake up. I have literally no patience for those people anymore. Zero.

He has emboldened racists everywhere. Even in my own backyard.

A Synagogue not far from where I live and even closer to my kid’s school was defiled with anti-Jewish and racist slop the other night. This Synagogue is a special place for many people who I know and call friends or colleagues.

I have set up tables for school events alongside these people, served with them on Parent Council. I respect them and they are part of my community.

And their children are my children’s’ friends. They play sports together… go to each others’ birthday parties.

I am angry. Really, really pissed off. And I am more determined than ever to do whatever I can to stop the spread of this filth perpetrated by beings that are lower than pond scum. It is the least I can do for my friends, colleagues and their families.

And if you care at all about our inclusive, tolerant and open communities, you too will speak out against this.


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  1. DonaldJ says:

    Dear Mr. Trudeau..

    Please view this video..

    Please do not let those psychotic psychopathic narcissistic murderous
    hell-bent mindless meth, pill, and cocaine-soaked American kooks into our precious Canada.. Please lock the borders from any of them ever entering our Canada.. They are totally full-goose bozo insane, crazy, and extremely dangerous, as this video proves without a doubt.. They would seriously damage our precious innocent Canada in every way possible as fast as possible.. They have absolutely zero respect for honesty, life, and love, nor do they have any grasp of any true reality whatsoever…

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