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An election that Rod Serling would be frightened by…


This past year or so has been something out of the Twilight Zone. So surreal and way beyond the bounds of imagination.

So today is the day, my dear neighbours to the south.  For the sane ones – don’t drop the ball on this one. get off your chesterfields (I think you call them “sofas”) and vote for the red team.

To the blue team supporters – the sane ones, anyways – suck it up and vote for Hilary or stay home.

To the GOP Trumpster whack-jobs: being beneath my contempt, I don’t even acknowledge you.

Bonne chance, America. The world is watching.


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  1. I’m expecting/hoping two hellish mindless loveless cokehead god-delusional lizard monsters have serious medical heart problems, in a few months, before they push the whole world into a massive thermal nuclear global war..

    Somehow the world has to wake-up to the fact that this is PLANET EARTH, Not ‘planet uhmerica’..

    Does anyone recall, a few decades ago, America telling every country that “they had to permit a DEA department in their federal governments, or America would deem them enemies of America”.. That’s Terrorism.. America IS the TERRORIST..
    We should all stop following America into hell.. The whole world should boycott America, and close their borders to Americans, and eject all Americans from their lands.. If America wants to make hell on earth, then let them live in their own cesspool spinning toilet.. The whole world has had ENOUGH! of America’s brutality, bullying, and insanity…

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