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Diamond dogs and suffragettes….

In spite of my love for his music since I was a child, I didn’t get a chance to see Bowie until the spring of 2004 here in Ottawa. I took my then 11 year-old eldest daughter with me. I thought it important at the time that her first live concert be someone who should could brag about later in life (Since then, my wife and I took our second daughter to see Rush at Bluesfest… for a similar reason). And to my recollection, she loved the show.

This wasn’t at all surprising. Ziggy’s music was timeless; Heroes is just as poignant now as it was when it was first released decades ago. The duet with Freddie Mercury on Under Pressure is still breathtaking. Space Oddity, still haunting. In this age of kiddy-pop, boring melodies and meaningless lyrics, when a Bowie tune comes on the radio, it stands out as something unique.

Below is the only – and I mean ONLY – Christmas tune that I do not automatically switch off when it is played, at any time of the year.

Thank-you, Sir David.


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