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Raising the bar

Trudeau’s closing remarks last night summed up what I have been saying for many years – the bar can be raised. Canadians don’t have to settle for a bar that is touching the ground.

Harper has placed that bar so low on so many fronts: foreign affairs, the environment, fiscal policy… The list goes on. 

The bar can be and should be raised. And the only way to do this is to oust Harper.


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  1. DonaldJ says:

    “Raising the bar”, to get us off the ground, that would be nice.. We aren’t bugs.. We feel like we’re on our faces in the muck.. Lets do that bar raising thing so we can feel like people again.. We live here too.. This is our lifetime too.. Can we have some good living in our lifetimes too..? Why does it feel like we’re slaves and a food crop in this democracy abomination..? Does our government hate us..?

    Any ideas when democracy will get some love, reality, respect, honesty, dignity in it..? and work for the people, instead work only for its own agenda interests..?
    Isn’t government meant to make the nation good for its citizens..? Why does government feel like it’s eating our lives up and grinding us up..?

    Instead of just “raising a bar”, could we delete this silly antique failed “Greek democracy experiment”, and design a powerful modern governance, based upon love, reality, respect, honesty, dignity..? A government with two simultaneous leaders.. because our history shows that every nation that had two leaders or two kings were extremely powerful nations.. Can we have two Prime Ministers this time..?
    Can we redesign government so it actually works..?
    Why don’t the Liberals and the NDP unite into a new form of honest caring non-parasitic government, to make our Canada strong and loving..?
    Can we have a governance that isn’t parasitic, like most of the world’s so called democracies are these days..?
    Democracy robs our lives of over 50% of our earnings, as if it believes it owns our lives and well-being as its perpetual meal..
    Why do we keep hearing in the news about politicians being caught cheating and stealing, and breaking laws that we all have-to obey, or suffer being bullied, tortured, and robbed..? When did democracy become a bad god..?
    Can we get politicians that have morals and respect for this nation..? Do politicians have morals..?

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