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Yet another reason I hope that my union Local leaves CAPE…

I’ve bitched about this before.

But “my” union – the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) used to shy away from the militant activities of other public sector unions like PSAC. By and large, the Local’s members believe that a union serves two purposes: collective bargaining and representation and help in the case of a dispute with the employer.

And I get that. And agree with our historical approach to labour relations.

Yesterday was the final day of voting on the next union budget…  which includes a $ 1 million strike fund and will leave the members with a tripling of dues. At least.

I, of course, voted no to this ridiculous and reckless spending but I fear that apathy will again win the day and the budget will be passed.

But on to the other reason why I think that this Union isn’t for me: The leadership is all proud and fuzzy about Greece standing up to those Euro bastards who insist on being paid back their taxpayers’ money because, due to Greece’s incompetence and a legacy of corruption, they can’t manage their own affairs.

Gee. I default on my mortgage, go to my bank. Ask for more money and better terms.


Do I want any of my dues going to supporting the Greece mess? Of course not.

Here’s hoping that apathy did not win the day and we can put the silliness of strike talk to bed for good and the union leadership “gets” that peripheral activities like supporting a messed up country is not what the membership wants.

Or my Local will leave. We have done it before.


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  1. kirbycairo says:

    Your misunderstanding of the situation in Greece is monumental and intellectually embarrassing. Your misunderstanding of unions is just plain sad. Please tell us why, given the degree to which you buy the rightwing misinformation, your blog is on a progressive site like

    1. trashee says:

      Ah. yes. Gotta love the drive-by shooting kind of comments. Nicely done.
      I won’t counter with my arguements about why Greece is in the mess it is. Not will I attempt to substantiate my views on the roles of unions in the 21st century. It would be fruitless as I would undoubtedly the the subject of another one of those baseball bat meets mailbox types of replies.
      However, it you would take the time… though I know you must be a very, very busy person.. to give a gander at most of the couple thousand posts I have put up over the years, you would clearly see that my progressive bona fides are intact.
      ’nuff said. Have a super day!

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