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Harper is pandering to the victims of communism…

… in fighting tooth and nail to have it located in one of the most iconic spaces in the Parliamentary Precinct.

That is obvious and typical Harper.

And City Council thought they should have at least been consulted about this. After all, the proposed redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture and the old Rockcliffe air base have been through a very thorough consultation with Council and with local residents. So why not this memorial?

So I say kudos to Councillor Nussbaum and those others who supported his motion to ask the feds to move it somewhere else. Yes, Ottawa is a weird jurisdictional arrangement where so many levels of government have jurisdiction over so many aspects of our built and natural spaces. And yes, the City is risking pissing off the Cons and perhaps risking retribution down the line (hopefully, there will a new government this fall who will take another look at the location of this ugly behemoth). But it was the right thing to at least symbolically opposes this heavy-handed move by the CPC.

Too bad that the vote wasn’t unanimous and 6 Councillors (Councillors S. Moffatt, M. Qaqish, R. Chiarelli, A. Hubley, J. Mitic and G. Darouze) perhaps chose to put their political allegiances ahead of what would be best for the City. That’s too bad since a united voice may have been noticed a bit more.

Wait. What am I saying?

This government doesn’t listen to advice from anyone unless it serves their political ends. So I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised, right?


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  1. I wish they’d drop the idea altogether. “Victims of Communism” isn’t monument-worthy in my estimation because there are no more victims of communism than victims of capitalism, or victims of barter.

    There are victims of totalitarians, victims of dictators, victims of personality cults, victims of government incompetence, victims of government malice, and more… but it’s pretty hard to say that there’s victims of an economic system.

  2. Liam Young says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever get a monument that pays respect to the victims of capitalism: death to workers in unsafe conditions; suffering from the likes of economic experiments such as Chile or Argentina and resulting social and political unrest; the average middle class family; the 99%.

  3. kirbycairo says:

    There are many many problems with this ridiculous monument. But the one I find most curious is that the things that the rightwing claim to despise about so-called “communist” nations are the very ones that they themselves embrace, particularly the arbitrary power of government. It is interesting that one of the Ottawa councillors (I can’t recall which one it was) said, when he was opposing this motion, that this [city of Ottawa?] “isn’t our sandbox.” In other words, a government with little support, that was elected by a very small portion of the population should be able to to anything it wants and other elected officials with a specific mandate to look after municipal concerns should shut their traps in the face of arbitrary, Big Brother government. If these councillor really opposed the worst part of pervious communist governments, they would be the first to oppose the actions of this federal government.

  4. rumleyfips says:

    How about w change it to a memorial for murdered first nations women, or the residential school kids tortured by dominionist maniacs. You know, Canadians.

    1. trashee says:

      Because Harperites will NEVER admit when they are wrong.
      Good ideas, though…

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