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Another rat jumps the Harper ship…

Lots of pols and pundits are falling all over themselves lauding the soon-to-be-ex CPC attack dog.

I won’t do that.

Don’t let the screen door hit you on the ass on your way out, Johno. Glad to see you go. Go visit Deano in Peterborough. He cries a lot and could use a broad shoulder.

The one redeeming quality about the guy was that is at least borderline socially progressive – and that’s a lot more than one can say for 95% of that caucus on incompetents.

Top five reasons why John Baird is running from the ReformCons:

1. Harper wanted to put one of his other immensely qualified caucus members on the file. Or, as Stephen Lautens puts it:

Stephen Lautens Stephen Lautens
Now the question is what giant of international affairs will fill Baird’s shoes? Or which Harper MP has a valid passport? #cdnpoli
10:01 PM – 02 Feb 15

2. Fat Tony C has put a price on his head for suggesting that the Orrville gazebo should be relocated to the Nepean SportsPlex.

3. He received a plum job offer from Nigel Wright. Word on the street is that Nigel pays well.

4. Despite outward appearances, John and Vlad Putin are really good buds. My sources tell me that they were spotted hunting Bengal Tigers together last Fall and enjoyed a bottle of vodka and several helpings of borscht. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

5. Finally, the man is smart enough to know that he’s on a sinking ship and going out while on top is better than suffering the humiliation of seeing your party reduced to a rump on election night.


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  1. Remember what’s coming up in … 8 weeks? The Canadian Media Circus of 2015, er, the Duffy Trial ™.

    Baird is jumping ship either: a) in hope of not getting any on himself; or b) because he’s going to get nailed somehow and Harps wanted him to beat the rush with a bit of dignity.

  2. Terry says:

    No one gets away alive with that gazebo.
    I’m thinking of sharing this with Wes.

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