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Does anyone doubt an early election now?

First, this morning, with the ouster of the Burglar of National Defense, Harper was clearly wiping the table of any “nuisance” that may dog him during the campaign.

Now, it comes to light that Harper will deign to meet the Premier of Canada’s largest province before the junior hockey game tonight; thus deflecting criticism that he has put partisanism ahead of a harmonious relationship between the two levels of government.

The Budget will come down. Harper will pronounce that Parliament has become unworkable (how he’ll make this claim will be interesting as he has a majority). Or, and more likely, he’ll use the falling oil prices and the looming (and made-up) economic crisis as a reason to seek a fresh mandate early.

One way or another, Steve will get this nasty election business out of the way before the Duffy trial is well underway and before massive layoffs in the oil-patch hit home.

You can bet on it.


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  1. kirbycairo says:

    I have to say that I still doubt it. I just think that the potential downside is too great from him to go for it. He got away with it last time only because of his minority status. But as a majority government and with the rather obvious self interests that would be motivating him, the fallout of angry voter could be devastating. I really believe that he thinks that he can ride out the Duffy trial and have a good summer and come back and win another majority. Many pundits agree with you but I just can’t see it.

    We will see.

  2. Pamela Mac Neil says:

    You make some good points. Connecting the dots, I think you may be right.

  3. Windsurfer says:

    Of course he will steal the election.

    It’s already a done deal.

    The CDN public, that 37.5% who bother to vote, (the other 63% too stupid to know what’s being stolen from them) will elect him with a squeaky majority. Four more years…….. does that sound familiar?

    Kiss your country goodbye.


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