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Pontiac Liberals – choose Cindy Duncan McMillan!

The outlook for the Liberals is bright as the 2015 election approaches. There are a number of very qualified and dedicated candidates or nominees lining up to clean our country of the CPC mess that is Harper’s legacy. I while back, I profiled Danielle Takacs and Karen McCrimmon as two strong nominees (Danielle has since won the nomination for Brant!) and today, I’m presenting another nominee that is in my back yard in the riding of Pontiac, QC : Cindy Duncan McMillan.

With her husband, Cindy owns and operates a family farm outside of Wakefield. In fact, I just recently bought part of a side of grass-fed beef that was raised on her farm – yummy!!!!

And she is also engaged in the importance of integrating environmental decisions into wider policy considerations. Her street creds on this are solid.

Cindy ran for the LPC in the last election in Pontiac and had a very, very good campaign. The problem was the timing. The “Jack effect” kicked in and the Dipper candidate unexpectedly upset Cindy. I’m of the opinion that this was one of those ridings where the NDP was going to win regardless of which qualified candidates were running against them. These things happen in politics sometimes.

But Mulcair is NOT Layton and this riding should be a prime pick up for the Liberals next year. And I think Cindy will deliver on this if she receives the nomination.

She has proven to be hard-working, resourceful and is a mighty nice person to boot! I have met her in person and have done the back and forth thing via email and I’m pretty good at picking out those folks who have a positive attitude – a joie de vivre!

And it is infectious – I met her for the first time when she dropped off the beef at my house and she immediately struck me as a person who takes pride in what she does and works hard to complete what she starts.

The Pontiac LPC riding association and members would be wise to choose Cindy as the candidate for the next election. She will colour the riding red, as it should be.


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