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Harper’s politics of cynicism….

… and an empty shelf in the pantry where “ethics” used to be…

Wandering around the Interweb, I found this cutting piece that brilliantly sums up the CPC modus operandi as follows:

The Harper Government is a public relations oriented government. The machine seems to operate in the following manner; get the youngsters in the party to operate unethically, send their manufactured news tips to a media organization filled to the brim with ideological allies, then raise money from your base while pretending you had nothing to do with how the information was unearthed. The strategy would be brilliant if it was not so painfully and obviously orchestrated.

This is the culture of the Harper Government, a government on the verge of expiry, following in the footsteps of past government who drowned in their own sense of entitlement. What Trevor Stack and Alexandra Constandinidis may not realize is they are not helping their party long term. We still do not know if they acted independently or through the encouragement of the powerful ministers and MPs they work for directly, but in either case one thing remains clear: ethics in the Harper Government is in short order, and while these examples are undertaken by the kiddies in short pants working for what used to be public servants, the real first domino of dirty politics has long been the influence coming directly from 24 Sussex Drive.

For years on these pages I have called Harper’s style the “politics of cynicism”. I was wrong, or at least I am now. It’s not cynicism but a cold and well-calculated approach to gain votes strategically and without care for standards – moral or political.


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  1. DonaldJ says:

    This government, rather this “federal dictatorship regime” feels like it is in process of meticulously destroying Canada piece by piece, bit by bit.. This regime feels like it is dragging Canada into hell.. Seems all this regime cares about is acquiring money and false glory.. It seems this regime is hell-bent in process of dismantling all the good in Canada for some secret evil demonic parasitic reason.. It seems this regime is feeding upon the love and essences of Canadians like a demon feeds.. It seems this regime is trying to destroy the love and happiness in our Canada.. It feels like Canada and Canadians are this regime’s perpetual meal…

    Name one thing this government has done that proves this government isn’t in process of destroying Canada..

    Name one thing this government has done that proves this government is fair and honest..

    Name one thing this government has done that proves this government has any love, truth, and honesty within itself..

    Name one thing this government has done that indicates this government respects Canadian’s lives and rights..

    It’s time to elect an honest government, and eject the vile demons from our nation and lives.. A vote for Mr.Trudeau is like “a vote for dad”.. Mr.Trudeau has stated with love in his eyes that he loves all Canadians.. I believe him.. It’s time we put a stop to this chain of blood-sucking money-sucking dictators, and elected an honest man who will be the acting father of this great nation.. It’s time to stop just electing drivers of this hellish evil parasitic government, and rebuild this government into a true democracy, of the people, by the people, for the people, by stripping away that which is the evil that has infiltrated and infested Canadian government.. It’s time Canadians woke-up to a little honest reality, and voted for love and honesty, instead of always voting for fake smiles, vicious bullish propaganda, black demonic egos, and those with money.. It’s time Canadians woke up to some reality and love while we still have a Canada…

    Who lost that 3.4 billion dollars..?
    Who recovered it, and how, and from where..?
    Did someone try to steal 3.4 billion dollars from Canada..?
    Did the criminal leave a paper trail..?

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