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Russia should NOT be allowed to host…

…the 2018 World Cup.

As Clegg asserts in this article

FIFA is unlikely to strip Putinland of the tourney, however.

Responding this week after some German politicians called for Russia to be boycotted, Fifa said the 2018 tournament could be a “force for good”.

Putin is an international criminal and the head of a rogue and anti-democratic nation. Grand international events should not allowed to happen in nations like these.

Plus, as one of my Facebook friends rightly point out:

Let’s see now when was the last time FIFA IOC or any other big sports franchise chose ethics over money, OH yeah never.


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  1. Troy says:

    I really question that it was Russia. No motive.
    Ukraine has the same capability to shoot down airliners above 30,000 feet, and motive: to drag NATO into the conflict by framing Russia.
    The rebels may have the missiles, but not the complex systems needed to shoot down aircraft above a certain height, otherwise they’d be taking down high flying aircraft left and right if they suspect them of being Ukraine military craft.
    provides a decent read, with decent links.

  2. toronto mike says:

    Disappointing to see a progressive blog serving the interests of the US/NATO foreign policy agenda.

    Putin is not perfect but how pray tell is he an international criminal? Unlike the USA, Russia has been staying carefully within the bounds of international law. Calling Russia a “rogue state” is ridiculous and empty rhetoric. As for “anti-democratic”, who nowadays is democratic? Maybe Iceland.

    1. trashee says:

      Hi, and thanks for commenting.
      I would argue that the fairly obvious complicity in the Malaysian Airlines incident would qualify Putin/Russia as an international criminal.
      I would also argue that Russia is not North Korea “rogue” but is rather more sublime about it. The term has been used to describe states that are a threat to world peace, economic stability and that they perhaps (but not always) sponsor or support terrorist activities. They are usually oblivious to international opinion and can also try to suppress domestic opposition through non-democratic means (though that last one could be applied to the Harperites as well).
      So I don’t think it is empty rhetoric, but rather the description that I see fit.
      As for your point about Iceland… maybe. But I guess the world has evolved to or devolved from different standards of democracy, no?
      Thanks again for your opinion.

      1. Stew says:

        Putin wants a new “silk road” and he is not alone. America, on the other hand, will try in every way to stop its formation, perhaps even by formenting war, because if a unified common market were to evolve across Eurasia, then their empire will be grass.

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