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June, 2014:

Getting consent to publish a child’s photo…

in campaign literature, a permit to hold a presser on a subway car… meh. Hudak and the Cons are above that, it seems.

A Durham Region woman is upset her eight-year-old stepdaughter’s photo is being used in a Progressive Conservative Party pamphlet.

The PC literature was delivered in the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock riding, where Tory Laurie Scott is the incumbent, and a copy ended up at the home of a family friend.

“I don’t want that picture available to the general public,” Jennifer Dugan said Wednesday. “In this day and age you never know whose hands that photo could fall into.”

This is the statement what I find more than a bit surprising:

Delaney (PC spokesminion) said the young girl’s photo was one of many taken at the event. She added it is not the party’s practice to have waivers signed at public events, and said no one else in the photo had signed a waiver.


It is standard practice to get waivers before using images. I NEVER publish any picture of a person (child or adult) without their permission. And none of the organisations with which I am affiliated would ever think of doing so either.



A Premier Hudak would put Ontario’s education system back to the Dark Ages…

…aka, The Harris Years.

Anyone with school age kids are really worried about the impact that a OPC government would have on our kids. As someone who has been involved with a not-for-profit childcare centre and my kids’ Parent Council for a number of years, I have seen firsthand the great things that the Liberals have done for our schools and our daycares. I know what I am talking about.

My Liberal MPP, John Fraser was key in securing funding for a daycare in a Ottawa Community Housing building; a daycare that has allowed several at-risk mothers on social assistance to find and hold down jobs. How can that not be a good thing? A Hudak government would undoubtedly sunset this funding and those families would be back to where they were before the Liberal government stepped in and did what was right.

But there is room for improvement – improvements that only the LPO can make happen.

The only people I know who think that cutting education is a good thing are those that either a) don’t have school age children b) are blinded by their dogmatic attachment to conservative “values” or, c) put finances above all else and damn the consequences.




DB8s… where decorum goes to die…

No, I’m not talking about the Ontario election leader’s debate that went down last night. The leaders – and more importantly, the audience – remained civil (if you count constantly interrupting each other “civil”) for the most part.

Though we in the TV audience might have been a little less so… I literally ROTFL when Timmie talked about his lifelong love of mathematics.

Oh, Timmie, you’re such a standard deviant, ya big lug…

The “where decorum goes to die” comment is directed at many of the OPC supporters that were in attendance at the all-candidates meeting last week in my riding of Ottawa South. I am truly glad that I didn’t take my 10-year-old along (exposing her to democracy and all that) because she would have been astounded and disappointed to hear adults behaving and using language that no parent of a ten-year-old wants them to hear.

Sure, there were some chuckles and groans directed at Steve Carrell Matt Young, the Hudak henchman in my riding. But no one but OPC supporters called one of the candidates on the stage an “asshole”, a “stooge” a “liar” or a “fucking bastard”.

Loudly and clearly.

The moderator for the evening did an admirable job in trying to keep the proceedings above the level of a sewage main, but many of the Conservative flag bearers kept dragging it back to that spot. And Mr. Fraser, the OLP candidate, held his own for the most part.

I’m not going to make a sweeping general statement about an absence of decorum and politeness and an overabundance of boorishness that seems to be characteristic of conservatives.

But it sure applied to that particular audience.



In Ottawa – timing sux.
Don’t recommend. Seriously. 1.5 hours on a Sunday night.
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