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How does the “Harper-Hudak Conservatives” sound, Timmie?

Or maybe the “Harris-Hudak Conservatives”, hmmm?

In desperation, Hudak and his merry men have taken to referring to the OLP as the “McGuinty-Wynne Liberals”.

I for one find this consistent with the make-believe world that the OPC seems to have found comfort in. Dalton and Kathleen are joined at the hip. They are as one. They are…. ONE MILLION JOBS… no, no… ONE BILLION JOBS!

That’s the world of the OPC… full of sound, fury and hyperbole… but signifying nothing (sorry Will…).

My take on hyphenated names is that they are best left to couples who want to show that they care enough to add the partner’s name to their own – and vice-versa. I’m pretty sure Dalton and Kathleen don’t have that kind of relationship. Maybe Tim likes to play make-believe with that image… I dunno. Make-believe land can be a weird place sometimes.

But you keep on truckin’, there, Tim-man! This is great blog content fodder!


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