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Tim Hudak is sooooo out of touch!

Of course he is out of touch. It’s Tim Hudak that we’re talking about here, folks. That’s not a big surprise.

But what is a surprise isthe extent of his disconnect. His “1 million jobs”, *ahem* “plan” is perhaps the most ill-thought out set of proposals I have ever seen rolled out in an election campaign. Go ahead – name one other.

First, to create these jobs, he will axe 100,000 public service jobs. Most of the pink slips will be handed to teachers. This will in turn and of course result in much larger class sizes and fewer support staff.

Clearly, Timmy is a product of the Mike Harris school system.

As a parent and a parent volunteer, I can see many icebergs on the horizon. Parent Councils will be forced to dedicate even MORE of their time fundraising in order to meet basic school needs. For those schools with active parents, this can be done (although many parents are feeling “volunteer burnout”) but for those schools with a high proportion of newcomers or low income families, they are destined to be ghettoized. The parents and school staff will simply not have the internal capacity to make up the shortfall.

It’s all about the deficit, you see.

Don’t like teachers?

Well how about the elimination of the 30 per cent tuition grant for most Ontario college and university students? Damn lazy students!  They don’t deserve the money anyhow.

It’s all about the deficit, you see.

Don’t like students? How about seniors?

The Liberals’ “healthy homes renovation tax credit,” which pays senior citizens up to $1,500 to improve their bathrooms and stairs to enable them to remain in their houses longer, would be axed.

It’s all about the deficit, you see.

The good thing is that Ontarians – and many conservatives – are beginning to see how full of holes Tim’s plan really is.

Tim Hudak – he’s in over his head.



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