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April, 2014:

Hudak vows to cancel full day Kindergarten

As a volunteer on a not-for-profit childcare centre Board, I can say with some authority that the FDK horse has left the barn. There has been some bumps on the road to implementation, but it has overall been a success.

Furthermore, cancelling it now in its final stage of implementation would not only throw Ontario schools into a staffing and infrastructural state of chaos, but would spell the death knell for many not-for-profits in the Province.

If he truly wanted to do something positive for public education, Hudak would vow to seriously explore considering Ontario as a Province without a wasteful and discriminatory publicly-funded separate school system.

Tim Hudak – in over his head.



It’s National Siblings Day!

And, according to the centuries old tradition, all younger siblings must pony up the equivalent of 6 gold sovereigns to the eldest sibling.

That’s about a grand in today’s coinage

If you’re the eldest of 6, ching-ching!!!

Only child? – yeah, too bad.

Hey, I’m only repeating the rule! I don’t make this stuff up…


Haven’t posted two entries on the same day for a while.

… For quite a while.

But I had to say something to a wider audience than FB.

I am SICKENED by some of the comments I’m seeing on the news stories about Jim Flaherty’s sudden death.

Shit, peeps, really? This is just the depth that som conservatives sunk to when Layton died.

I’m as partisan as you can find, but…

A man died an early death. He leaves a loving family and friends behind. He was a dedicated public servant.

He deserves better.

Show some class. Jeez.


So, yeah, climate change is just not happening, is it?

A few interesting graphics forwarded to me by a colleague.

CO2 seaice


Is Quebec sovereignty dead?

Maybe not entirely dead, but quite possibly in its death throes.

Good work, PLQ!

Et, pour les PĆ©quistes – il faut savoir quand vous devriez quitter la soireĆ©..


Jason Kenney, Tony Clement and…

… a number of other ReformCon Ministers and PMO staff are reportedly on their way to the site to get new material for the 2015 CPC election campaign.

Artifacts like these meets the criteria necessary to be considered as platform planks – material must be very old, fail the smell test and originate from Middle Ages feudalism.