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Rob Ford Campaign 2014 slogans…

… I couldn’t resist.

  • Rob Ford – he’ll crack you up!
  • Rob Ford – promising to be a little more sober during Council meetings
  • Rob Ford – engaging street youth at their level!
  • Rob Ford – running high in the polls!
  • Rob Ford – see him on Letterman, The Daily Show, Leno…
  • Rob Ford – Harper still wants his hat trick!
  • Rob Ford – sober since 9 am… uh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – honest and open about his life… when forced to by overwhelming public outcry!
  • Rob Ford – supported by Tim Hudak, what?, oh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – on his own gravy train…
  • Rob Ford – this time promising fewer police officers!
  • Rob Ford – delivering on a 2010 campaign promise to bring homeless people off the streets… and into my car.
  • Rob Ford – making Larry O’Brien look like a genius since 2010


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  1. Seems we’ve got a few (or many?) mindless loveless cokehead junkie druggies running our dying loveless falling-apart sad nation.. Maybe it’s time we all (all Canadians) demanded that all Canadian politicians and all Canadian police people be force tested for cocaine usage, so we can fire all the ones that test positive, so we can expunge the mindless narcissistic psychopaths from all positions of authority that run and ruin our lives and nation to appease their insane delusions and pathetic useless parasitic lives…

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