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November 5th, 2013:

Rob Ford Campaign 2014 slogans…

… I couldn’t resist.

  • Rob Ford – he’ll crack you up!
  • Rob Ford – promising to be a little more sober during Council meetings
  • Rob Ford – engaging street youth at their level!
  • Rob Ford – running high in the polls!
  • Rob Ford – see him on Letterman, The Daily Show, Leno…
  • Rob Ford – Harper still wants his hat trick!
  • Rob Ford – sober since 9 am… uh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – honest and open about his life… when forced to by overwhelming public outcry!
  • Rob Ford – supported by Tim Hudak, what?, oh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – on his own gravy train…
  • Rob Ford – this time promising fewer police officers!
  • Rob Ford – delivering on a 2010 campaign promise to bring homeless people off the streets… and into my car.
  • Rob Ford – making Larry O’Brien look like a genius since 2010